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  1. I did a search for large Pistol primers on my browser Duck Duck Go and several web sites came up with primers in stock. one had winchester large pistol for 41.99.. I think the scammers are out in full force. Buyers beware!!!
  2. They have a good looking web site I'm sure they will get people to buy.
  3. Has anyone purchased primers or powder from Primo Reloading ?? They have primers available for $49.00 per thousand for large pistol Federal primers. I was going to order from them and they use pay pal and you send it to a private persons email I got kind of nervous about that because I know Pay pall doesn't like guns or ammo and started asking questions. Then I get a phone call from them from a male with heavy accent that was just like he got off the boat from China or maybe he's still in China. Just wondering if anyone has had a positive experience.
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