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  1. I would like all of them, PM sent. William EDITED TO ADD: Funds on the way 6 JAN 2017! EDITED #2: RECEIVED on 11 JAN - EXCELLENT DEAL - THANKS!
  2. Pockets are an addition I am going to have added to one of his vests I am purchasing "pre-utilized". He thinks he can do the vest that I am wanting at a reasonable price! Thanks again all! Will
  3. I did exchange with Mad Mountain Mike and we are cooking up a plan. THANKS! Will
  4. Excellent suggestions, THANK YOU!! Yep its gonna cost about a SCHOFIELD or LEVER RIFLE worth of gold dust, but that is the price of AMERICAN CRAFTSMAN MADE QUALITY!!! Mad Mountain Mike, http://rivercrossinginc.com/ Aspen Filly, http://www.aspenfillys.com/ http://www.merlinshideout.com/products/mens_clothing/buffalo_vest.html
  5. Hello, I recently re-watched SHANGHAI NOON and there is a character in the movie that is sporting a BUFFALO HIDE vest. Has anyone seen anything like this for sale anywhere and if so, please point me in that direction! Many Thanks! Will
  6. http://www.sturmgewehr.com/forums/ That is a buy & sell forum for NFA weapons & parts. Will
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