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  1. 1 hour ago, Kid Rich said:

    1st time in 2 years I found Cheddite sg primers today. Also found some CCI 300's. and bought five lbs of powder in the last couple of days.


    What brand of powder? I haven’t seen any Alliant powder on the shelves since last fall. Has anyone seen any new supplies of Alliant?

  2. Congratulations Deuce. Amazing how with all the work you and Carty did setting the steel and setting up the stages the week preceding the match you are still able to be Top Gun. Well written crystal clear stages that when read no one ever had a question.  I really liked how the stage props insured everyone shot from the same position, that really leveled the playing field. Thanks for a awesome match.

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  3. 1.  Matching pair of EMF 5 1/2” .38 SPECIAL - STALLIONS -   -SOLD-



    These will be available at the Fea Market in the Lucky Lady on Wednesday the 15th &  Thursday the 16th if they don’t sell on the first day. I’m told that will be the same place where all registered shooters will check in.





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  4. On 9/1/2021 at 8:15 PM, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

    Get some Unique and never look back.

    You can load every caliber in SASS with it, including SG. 

    I use 6.5 gn Unique in my 44mag cases under a Bear Creek moly coat RNFP.



    I would love to use Unique in a lot of different loads but where is it available???   I haven’t seen or heard of Unique being available anywhere since the fall of 2020..  Anyone know of any place on line where it can be purchased?

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