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  1. This is as true today as it was back when John Wayne recorded it before he died. Many need to listen and heed this true message. - Charlie
  2. https://www.firearmspolicy.org/fpc_moves_to_intervene_in_california_v_atf_gun_control_lawsuit_seeking_to_compel_federal_re_definition_of_firearm
  3. Georgia – -(AmmoLand.com)- One thing that Second Amendment supporters need to understand: Anti-Second Amendment extremists hate you. There is no compromise to be had with them. In their mind, by defending your rights, you are now an accessory to any horrific crime or act of madness that involves the misuse of firearms, be it Sandy Hook, Parkland, Las Vegas, or Tucson. For example, take a look at some of the rhetoric from Raphael Warnock, who is trying to unseat Kelly Loeffler in a special election in Georgia that is due to take place on January 5. Second Amendment supporters backed President Trump in his successful 2016 campaign and the unresolved 2020 campaign for very valid reasons: We don’t want to be punished for horrific crimes and acts of madness we did not commit. We think that many gun control laws not only fail to address violent crime, but in a number of cases, actually make the problem worse. We seek to exercise our God-given right to self-defense with the tools we feel will be most effective. We believe that a robust Second Amendment is a key firewall against tyranny. The list is not exclusive, but the preceding list is arguably a good start. Debate on that, though, can wait for another time. The thing is, Second Amendment issues were one major reason that many loyal Ammoland readers supported President Trump. Warnock thinks you need to “repent” for that support. In his mind, you’ve committed an act of evil in doing so. In a way, it’s similar to the Ossoff opinion that your defense of the Second Amendment makes you corrupt. They believe that people who resist being punished for crimes and acts of madness they didn’t commit are really accessories to the next horrific crime or act of madness that happens. So, while Warnock works with Bloomberg’s Everytown and other anti-Second Amendment groups to punish you for crimes you didn’t commit and then proceeds to blame your efforts to defend your rights for the next tragedy, you need to start doing some hard work yourself. Warnock cloaks his unjust attacks on our rights in the guise of religion. The no that we need to do “penance” for our Second Amendment activism, when you get right down to it, is really just another form of Second Amendment shaming. The thing is, Second Amendment supporters have nothing to be ashamed of. Warnock may call personal responsibility a “lie” in his sermons that call for gun control, but we know that personal responsibility comes hand in hand with our rights. Right now, we have a responsibility to ensure that Warnock doesn’t take his hatred of us to the Senate. Second Amendment supporters should go to Senator Loeffler’s campaign site to see how they can help her win the special election. In addition, they need to support the National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund to be ready for the 2022 midterms, no matter who wins the White House. https://www.ammoland.com/2020/11/just-what-penance-does-warnock-want-gun-owners-to-do/#axzz6efHXUGLa
  4. Under penalty of perjury, Williams College Professor of Mathematics Steven J. Miller declared that up to 100,000 votes in Pennsylvania “were either requested by someone other than the registered Republican, or requested and returned but not counted.” The number of fraudulent votes or votes not counted “range from 89,397 to 98,801,” according to Miller. He testified: All of the facts stated herein are true and based on my personal knowledge. I received a B.S. in Mathematics and Physics from Yale University in 1996 and a Ph.D. of Mathematics from Princeton University in 2002…. I am currently a professor of mathematics at Williams College…. I have analyzed phone bank data provided to me [from Election Data Services] regarding responses to questions relating to mail ballot requests, returns and related issues…. I can show, to a reasonable degree of professional certainty, that the conclusions as stated in this report are correct. I declare under the penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. This was enough for Federal Election Commission (FEC) Chairman Trey Trainor to declare “that fraud took place” on Election Day. Said Trainor: This data, which is provided by an expert witness, who would be qualified in almost any court in the country, adds to the conclusions that some level of voter fraud took place in this year’s election. But Miller’s conclusions are just the tip of the iceberg, said Trainor: The rush to certify results that are this suspicious from places with known election violations would nullify millions of votes that were legally cast by individual voters. In an interview at Newsmax on Tuesday that continues to reverberate, Sidney Powell, a lead attorney in the Trump campaign working to expose the immense voter fraud, said “I think we will find that [President Trump] had at least 80 million votes,” nearly 10 million than were officially accorded to him. Upon reviewing what Powell had uncovered so far, high-powered attorney L. Lin Wood concluded that “this election was a fraud. Donald Trump won, I believe, clearly a 70 percent-plus landslide election.… He probably won over 400 Electoral votes.” That was on Tuesday last week. On Friday, Powell, based upon additional information, declared on The Howie Carr Show that “We’ve got a number of smoking guns … [so many that] we may have to get witness protection for them. We have a lot of extremely solid evidence. It’s beyond impressive, and absolutely terrifying.” Powell went on to say that, based on information received since her Newsmax interview, she believes Joe Biden received as many as 10 million fraudulent votes, and that up to seven million were switched from Trump to Biden via the Dominion voter system. She added: My [best] estimate at this time is roughly 7 million [stolen votes] but it might be more. We’re also getting some data that reflects that millions — not just a few hundred or a thousand — but some millions of dead people voted. The anti-Trump mainstream media, working essentially as the communications arm of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), has excoriated Powell and her team for not being forthcoming with hard evidence to back up these claims. But Powell has promised to release such evidence this coming week. It’ll be interesting to see how the media/DNC deals with that evidence if and when it is made public. https://thenewamerican.com/math-professor-flags-nearly-100000-fraudulent-votes/
  5. Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen on Monday announced several additional charges in his investigation into a pay-to-play scheme involving concealed carry licenses issued by the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, including the head of Apple’s security team and two top officials within the sheriff’s office itself. According to Rosen, Santa Clara County Undersheriff Rick Sung and Captain James Jensen sat on a number of concealed carry permit applications from Apple until the company’s chief security officer, Thomas Moyer, secured a sizeable “gift” to the department. Sung—second in rank only to Sheriff Laurie Smith—is accused of deliberately holding back four concealed carry weapons (CCW) permits for Apple’s security team until the Cupertino-based corporation agreed to donate 200 iPads worth about $75,000 to the Sheriff’s Office. Sung and Jensen allegedly worked together to solicit the exchange of CCW permits for the tech donation from Apple. “The donation was pulled back at the 11th hour when our search warrants into this probe began” in August 2019, Rosen said Monday. In another incident, prosecutors say Sung “extracted” a promise from [local businessman Harpreet] Chadha for $6,000 worth of luxury box suites at a San Jose Sharks game on Valentine’s Day, 2019, before issuing Chadha a hidden gun permit. “Sheriff Laurie Smith’s family members and some of her biggest supporters held a celebration of her reelection as sheriff in Chadha’s suite,” Rosen said. In a written statement, Rosen said Sung and Jensen “treated CCW licenses as commodities and found willing buyers.” So far Sheriff Laurie Smith has not been indicted by the grand jury, though she was called in to testify this summer and ended up invoking her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in response to almost every question. Speaking to reporters on Monday, Rosen made it clear that his investigation isn’t over, and more indictments could be coming soon. The DA’s continued announcements about the CCW investigation in recent months have suggested that corruption and bribery in the issuing of weapons permits was entrenched in the sheriff’s office’s highest ranks as Smith was seeking re-election in 2018. “Call this quid pro quo, call it pay to play, call it give to get—it is illegal,” Rosen told reporters from behind his West Wing office. “It is illegal and it deeply erodes public confidence in the criminal justice system. When high-ranking members of a law enforcement agency are at the heart of a bribery scheme, it tarnishes the badge, the honor, the reputations, and, tragically, the effectiveness of all law enforcement agencies.” The investigation has already led Rosen to Facebook’s security team. Earlier this year, officials associated with AS Solution—a company that contract with Facebook to provide executive protection—have pleaded guilty in connection to the case. Namely, ex-AS Solution CEO Christian West and two of his former managers, Martin Nielsen and Jack Stromgren. There’s a very simple way to get rid of the corruption in Santa Clara and other California counties when it comes to the issuance of concealed carry licenses: quit giving sheriffs broad leeway to approve or deny permits based on a “justifiable need” to carry. That discretion not only empowers abuse in terms of restricting the right to carry by law-abiding citizens, but it fuels the type of graft and corruption that allegedly took place in Santa Clara County. Moving the state to a “shall issue” standard for concealed carry licenses would remove the opportunity for corrupt officials to demand cash or prizes in exchange for a permit to carry, but it would also lead to hundreds of thousands more Californians exercising their Second Amendment rights, and that’s a bridge too far for anti-gun lawmakers in Sacramento. They’d rather keep a broken system in place that enables bribery because it also deprives the average resident in population centers like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and San Jose from being able to exercise their right to carry. Since lawmakers won’t step in, it’ll likely be up to the courts to restore some semblance of sanity to the state’s carry laws. Thankfully, there are a number of challenges underway, including a right-to-carry case out of Hawaii that will have an impact on California’s laws as well. That case, known as Young v. Hawaii, is currently awaiting a decision by an en banc panel of Ninth Circuit judges, and once the opinion has been released, the case is likely to be appealed to the Supreme Court (though with the current makeup of SCOTUS justices, the state of Hawaii might be reluctant to take the case any further if their ban on open carry without a license is ruled unconstitutional). https://bearingarms.com/cam-e/2020/11/23/da-sheriffs-luxury-box-ipads-carry/
  6. Voters roundly rejected gun control groups and their anti-Second Amendment schemes on Election Day. That hasn’t stopped these groups from searching for alternatives to advance their antigun agenda. Now failed presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s “news” site The Trace is giving former Vice President Joe Biden a playbook to use for executive actions, despite the will of the voters. Executive Gun Control While votes are still being tallied, a Biden-Harris administration is exactly what gun control groups wanted. Former Vice President Joe Biden let Everytown for Gun Safety run the traps on his selection of his vice presidential candidate, ultimately settling on U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.). The two comprised the most antigun presidential ticket in history. Sen. Harris was forced to drop out due to lack of support before her home-state’s primary. She had campaigned on a promise to strongarm Congress on gun control. Biden derided Second Amendment supporters and has vowed to eliminate the firearm industry. Voters sent a different message, electing pro-Second Amendment policymakers to protect their rights in Congress. The Election Day rebuff isn’t stopping gun control. Faux News The Trace brands itself as an “independent non-partisan, non-profit news site,” but that’s hardly truthful. An exclusive report by Guns America Digest shows 70 percent of The Trace’s budget comes from Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety and Everytown’s president John Feinblatt is listed as The Trace’s chief officer. They’re now proffering a White House playbook full of executive actions, overreach and ineffective attempts to reduce criminal misuse of firearms. The Playbook The Trace spoke with Chelsea Parsons of the far-left Center for American Progress and offered several actions Biden could take immediately. None are unfamiliar as voters already rejected these notions at the polls. A potential Biden-Harris administration could immediately “reinvigorate” the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) by nominating a director who will “promote gun violence prevention values and prioritize a regulatory oversight mission,” Parsons said. The Biden campaign stated he’d use the ATF as an anvil to punish retailers for even minor clerical errors, threatening to revoke licenses and put them out of business. This option would require Senate confirmation of any nominee and for the time being, pro-gun rights senators hold a majority. Parsons also suggested a possible Biden White House could use executive action to overhaul how the ATF classifies certain firearms according to the National Firearms Act. Taking such an action by fiat would instantly turn millions of lawful gun owners into criminals for possessing what was already legally purchased if they don’t fall in line. The alternative is confiscation. Next on the list is cracking down on so-called “ghost guns,” unfinished firearms or unassembled firearm parts commonly used by gunsmiths and hobbyists since the nation’s founding. Some Democratic governors banned these firearms, but data on their use is already sparse. Parsons added, “Ideally, we’d be able to pass legislation to take care of it. But in the absence of that, this is something that can certainly be addressed through rulemaking.” Everytown is currently suing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in federal court in New York City to force ATF to define casts and forgings as a firearm frame or receiver requiring serial numbers, record keeping and a manufacturing license. The last major suggestion Parsons offered was for the administration to ban importing so-called “assault weapons.” Parsons specifies that executive action could only ban importing these firearms and that legislative action would be needed for Biden’s preferred avenue of banning the sale and manufacture of these common firearms. New data shows there are nearly 20 million Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs) in circulation today. For gun owners and Second Amendment supporters, a rock-ribbed pro-rights Senate is essential in backstopping against any future infringement on Second Amendment rights. Lawrence Keane is the Senior Vice President and General Counsel for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the firearm industry trade association. https://dailycaller.com/2020/11/20/here-are-the-executive-orders-that-gun-control-groups-want-biden-to-enact/
  7. Democrats in the Tennessee statehouse aren’t really in a position to demand anything from their Republican counterparts at the moment. In the elections a couple of weeks ago, Republicans maintained their supermajority in the state House while losing only a single seat in the state Senate, leaving the GOP with a 27-6 majority. That keeps pro-2A lawmakers in complete control of both the legislature and the executive branch in the state, which means any gun control measures introduced by Democrats will likely remain bottled up or defeated in committee. That’s not stopping the state’s Democrats from demanding some changes to the state’s gun laws, however, saying it’s time for Republicans to start compromising. Tennessee senator Raumesh Akbari says she’s advocated for gun safety for years, even putting forth legislation that would make it an offense to leave an unsecured firearm in an unattended vehicle. However, she says she’s received push back from fellow legislators. “I really don’t think that the benefit that folks claim being able to have the gun in your car being an extension of the castle doctrine is outweighing the significant increase in the weapons that are being stolen,” Akbari said. Akbari says a lot of the state’s budget goes towards funding law enforcement but the need to put more resources towards fighting crime could put stress on what is already going to be lean budget year. “If we can do some things preemptively to decrease crime than we decrease the cost of law enforcement,” Akbari said. Akbari says she is working with fellow lawmakers on a solution, but it’s going to take compromise to find middle ground on the issue. “I think that should really be a bipartisan issue,” Akbari said. “At the end of the day, we all want to be safe. We all want to be sure that those who have weapons can have them legally and they’re not being stolen, and we can make some smart decisions.” Akbari’s aiming her legislative fire in the wrong direction. If she wants to crack down on firearm thefts, the best thing to do is increase the penalty for possessing a stolen firearm, rather than making it a criminal offense to leave your firearm in an unlocked vehicle. Last year, the state legislature approved a bill that guarantees 30 days in jail for those convicted of possessing a stolen firearm, but that’s still far too lenient for a minimum sentence. Those knowingly in possession of a stolen gun should be facing far more serious consequences, and enforcement of those laws should be a bigger priority for police and prosecutors across the state. As for those gun owners who are leaving their guns in their cars, I think it’s unwise, but it shouldn’t be a criminal offense. Even at my rural home in a low-crime county in Virginia, I make sure that my car doors are locked at night and that any firearms and ammunition that may be stored inside aren’t visible to anyone peering in. About 850 guns have been stolen from vehicles in the Memphis area this year, and lawmakers are right to look for ways to reduce those numbers. “Compromising” by only infringing a little on our right to keep and bear arms is a non-starter, however. Instead of compromise, Akbari and other Democrats should be looking at collaboration instead, working with their Republican colleagues on ways to address violent crime and its causes that don’t involve criminalizing aspects of the right to keep and bear arms. If they’re willing to do that, they can be a part of the solution. If they insist on stripping rights away in the name of public safety, however, Tennessee Democrats are just going to be another part of the problem. https://bearingarms.com/cam-e/2020/11/20/tn-dems-compromise-gun-control/
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