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  1. If the membership number of 18,500 quoted earlier in this thread is correct I am shocked and appalled. Well, not really. The economy and aging SASS shooters has a role in the diminishing numbers of current members. Many folks cannot afford to travel to the big matches so they shoot at their local clubs which are and always will be the grass roots of this game. No membership required in most cases. Look at the numbers of seniors and older at Winter Range and EOT. They are almost always the largest categories and many of which are life members. These folks are active seniors bu
  2. Colt SAA the gun that beat inflation. Depending on where you check an ounce of gold in 1873 was about $20+ US and a SAA was about $17 US. Those numbers are close enough for government work. Last year (2016) an ounce of gold was about $1200 US and you all know what a SAA will cost. I have two and should have bought more. Stoney
  3. The Cleveland Browns problems go right back to "Draft Day" when they hired Kevin Costner to be the GM. He had them on the right path and they let him get away. Even Costner haters have to admit he is way smarter than the current Browns management "That's a joke boy" ...........Foghorn Leghorn
  4. In these parts of the Great White North (Canada is now snow covered from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic coast) that sequence is called the Tough Guy Sweep. Tough guy left or tough guy right. Start in the middle and the tough guy is the middle target who gets shot 3 times in a five round sweep.
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