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  1. Thanks for this information!  I would like to have known about this years ago.  I enjoy shooting the Shilo Sharps while camping at Ben Avery, but normally only out to 100 yards is available at B/A.  

  2. My wife (Hilda Billie) has 7 or 8 different treadles,  2 on display in our (her) living room.  We restored and donated one to a local Cowboy Shooting club to raffle off at their annual match.  I tear them apart and repaint them, both the wrought iron bases and the machines themselves.  

  3. For primers,  I have had real good luck at Sharp Shooters Safe and Gun Shop in Lubbock TX.  About 120 miles south of Amarillo.

    If traveling through or near Phoenix I just purchase 8 lbs of titegroup for 229.00 and 1000 Win Sm Pistol Primers for 90.00, and there was a number of both still on the shelf. No limits on the powder that I saw, but a 1 brick limit per individual on the primers.  My guns do fine on the Win primers.



  4. Just a heads up Starline is now making 38  -  55 brass available for back order to be shipped when available on first come first served basis. Get it while you can..

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  5. Hilda Billie was a rural carrier for 26 years, and I want to thank Mule Shoe for the great explination and clearing up much of the wrong opinions for the carriers, both city and rural. In most cases they try to do an excellent job, but as in most large outfits,  there are those who will do the absolute minimum to get by.

    Thanks Mule shoe Bill

  6. Willy its yours if you want it. I forgot to put the quantity, only 14 pieces but I can get it in the mail monday if it is worth it for only 14.  Let me know, or if you want I will keep my eye out for more and put it on hold until I get enough to be worth it.  If you are not in a hurry I will hold it with your name on it for a couple of weeks and try and add to it.    PM Me your address.



  7. As an "RO" (Range Officer) at our local range I have the opportunity to collect discarded brass from shooters who do not reload. ( I always ASK before I collect their brass) Some of this has been reloaded and just not found/picked up, much is once fired and left behind.


    I have collected a small amount of brass in various calibers that I don't shoot and probably never will.  If any one can use any of this it is yours for the asking + Postage.  I imagine some of it is so small amounts it is not worth messing with, but you  can be the judge of that.


    Currently available:

    7MM Mag 27 pieces, 14 brass/13 Nickle plated

    300 WBY Mag 5 all brass gone

    270 WSM 40 all nickel plated

    25-06 18 all Brass

    7MM-08  35 PCs all brass

    22-250, 18 PCs all  brass

    224 Valkrie 20 all nickel plated

    10 MM auto  14 PCs. all nickel plated  gone


    If anyone can use any of these and its worth the effort + Postage, let me know and I'll get it your way.

     Happy shootin, and stay safe!




  8. All this stuff has changed many times since I moved out of N.Y. but I sure don't have any reason to go back to live. Utah is not my/our first choice for other reasons, however based on gun regulations, it is one of the top choices in the nation. New York would toss away the key to my cell if I /We ever went back there to take up residence!

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