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  1. Pat was the score-keeper for sure anytime 12 Mile was shooting. She was there to support him without fail, and always had the "two-two" dance ready when scores were in the 22 second range.  KEEP HER IN YOUR PRAYERS! 

  2. Any other way to find out about swap meet?  I e mailed k back on the 19th of Jan.  Still no reply .  I would like to know if I can still get a table for the meet.  I hope to have a bit of Stuff and may also have some of Rebs stuff to help Pat out.

  3. 7 hours ago, Ralphs nephew said:

    Hello folks I am Ralph's nephew Eric. I wanted to extend a huge Thank you! I had the privilege to watch him shoot on several occasions and always was amazed at the way your community rallied around one another. I live in boise and a few years ago my wife and I were able to attend an event you all had here and was blown away how perfect strangers treated everyone as family. I know from many of our conversations he absolutely loved being apart of that. I know Pat did as well. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you for all the kind words I dont know if Pat has access to this or not but i will pass on what I can when the time is right. I hope I am not speaking out of turn for him but I think he would love it if we all payed it forward! I know your community already does probably better than anyother organization I am aware of. Bring someone new into the sport and teach them the Ralph (12 MILE REB) way. Even in your day to day lives be kind don't sweat the small things that really don't matter. Hold you loved ones extra close check in on a friend. Once again Thank you for being part of his adventure! Stay safe out there

    Eric, I am Noah Cash, one of Reb’s many friends. I am in close touch with Pat and will show her this thread in the near future. I know she will appreciate the support and comment’s by all.

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  4. Ralph and I had breakfast almost every Saturday morning on the way to whatever match we were going to.  If no match we would have breakfast and just enjoy each other’s company and go back home to spend the day with our sweethearts.   I was proud and honored to call him my friend. His passing leaves a huge hole in my life.

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    Ralph Edgar Butler Profile Photo

    Ralph Edgar Butler

    September 11, 1946 — January 21, 2024


    It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Ralph Edgar Butler, aka 12-Mile REB, on January 20, 2024. Ralph was born in Portland, Oregon on September 11, 1946.  At 17, he enlisted in the Marines and was deployed to Vietnam where he earned a Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Clusters amongst multiple other honors.

     He accomplished more in his 77 years than most could even dream. He loved conquering the impossible in the mountains, oceans, rivers, and in the skies. He was a Railroad Engineer, airplane pilot, boat captain, rock climber, hunter, World Champion Cowboy action shooter, rocket engineer, fisherman extraordinaire, and an all-around outdoorsman. However, he believed his most important accomplishment was his family and friends which he loved BIG. He was a husband to Patricia Jean for over 55 years, a father of 2, Rebecca Jean and Jennifer Christine, a grandfather of 5, David John Edgar, Christian Butler, Holland Rebekah, Kohlter Jude, Brodyn Pierce, and great-grandfather to Jamison Roan and Bronson Kane. He was our patriarch, our Superman, our hero, our ole’ GOAT.

     Ralph lived a beautiful life and anyone who has met and talked to him knows that he truly believed and lived by his motto: SUCCESS IS THE RESIDUE OF DESIGN.  

     Instead of flowers please place a donation in his name to the Disabled Veterans Association or Patricia Butler’s GoFundMe to assist her at this time.  https://gofund.me/77c5d229

    Arrangements entrusted to Lindquist's Layton Mortuary, 1867 No. Fairfield Rd., Layton, Utah.

    To order memorial trees or send flowers to the family in memory of Ralph Edgar Butler, please visit our flower store.



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  6. I have seen the schedule for the Swap Meet at this years EOT,  but do we have to get a reserved table or sign up for it in advance like we did last year?

    Is it a First come first served for the tables? 

     Are the tables already spoke for? Who do we contact to reserve a table is necessary?

    Thanks for any info



  7. Willy its yours if you want it. I forgot to put the quantity, only 14 pieces but I can get it in the mail monday if it is worth it for only 14.  Let me know, or if you want I will keep my eye out for more and put it on hold until I get enough to be worth it.  If you are not in a hurry I will hold it with your name on it for a couple of weeks and try and add to it.    PM Me your address.



  8. As an "RO" (Range Officer) at our local range I have the opportunity to collect discarded brass from shooters who do not reload. ( I always ASK before I collect their brass) Some of this has been reloaded and just not found/picked up, much is once fired and left behind.


    I have collected a small amount of brass in various calibers that I don't shoot and probably never will.  If any one can use any of this it is yours for the asking + Postage.  I imagine some of it is so small amounts it is not worth messing with, but you  can be the judge of that.


    Currently available:

    7MM Mag 27 pieces, 14 brass/13 Nickle plated

    300 WBY Mag 5 all brass gone

    270 WSM 40 all nickel plated

    25-06 18 all Brass

    7MM-08  35 PCs all brass

    22-250, 18 PCs all  brass

    224 Valkrie 20 all nickel plated

    10 MM auto  14 PCs. all nickel plated  gone


    If anyone can use any of these and its worth the effort + Postage, let me know and I'll get it your way.

     Happy shootin, and stay safe!




  9. All this stuff has changed many times since I moved out of N.Y. but I sure don't have any reason to go back to live. Utah is not my/our first choice for other reasons, however based on gun regulations, it is one of the top choices in the nation. New York would toss away the key to my cell if I /We ever went back there to take up residence!

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