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  1. Hits squarely. $450 shipped.



  2. Hits squarely.Shipped for $450....


  3. Murf,

    First offer to you at $475 shipped before I repost it tomorrow.


  4. It would stay here.


  5. It's in great condition. Bore is bright , wood is good with only a couple scuffs. The hammer strikes the nipple squarely. Only flaw is a fleck of something on the right side of the barrel that is factory blued. Looks like a metal chip on top of the metal, so I just left it alone. It's the second ASM Sharps I've had and it's the better of the two.If I didn't need a lever gun,...

  6. It's gospel. I do know the action is smooth and the trigger quite light.


  7. MURF,

    The Sharps was modifified by Charlie Hahn. he does an o-ring mod to better seal the floating face when fired. I had very little leakage the bit I fired it. The key is to pop the floating face off and clean and lube it religiously after shooting. You should only need to do that after a days shooting. I was told the internals were replaced with higher grade stuff but can't swear i...

  8. That will work. I'd rather sell to a board member than someone on ebay,

    My paypal address is longhunter49@hotmail.com,


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