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  1. 19 hours ago, Waxahachie Kid #17017 L said:

    It is always nice to know the "why" of things. 

    We only think the worst, when the "why" is not communicated.

    I have fall back on the old adage:..."follow the money", until shown otherwise.

    Like as not, things happen for a reason, or an excuse, and not for no reason, or excuse.

    Someone, some entity, stands to gain, in some fashion, by this happening. Sounds like some people have, and will, lose some money on this deal.

    If everything is on the up, and up, an explanation should be forthcoming. If this isn't on the up, and up, an explanation won't be forthcoming. 

    The passing of time will reveal which of the two this falls under. 



    There is a non-disclosure agreement in place that prevents either party from discussing the particulars of the negotiations, either party, and the potential sales agreement- including its challenges and ultimate failure. Nothing beyond the initial non-disclosure agreement was ever signed by either party in terms of the sale of the property and after 8 months of discussion and the "deal" being at an impasse, it was clear an agreement could not be reached.  Anything beyond that "explanation" cannot be discussed. 



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  2. Howdy SASS Members! 
    It has been brought to our attention that there is a SCAM email being sent out with our organizations name soliciting funds, gift cards, etc. to support a variety of fake causes.
    WE ARE NOT SENDING THESE! Please report these emails as SCAM/SPAM/JUNK... report as much as you can through your email provider so we can put a stop to this as quickly as possible.
    As an example, below is the text of a scam email:
    How are you doing? Are you available at the moment? I need your assistance to handle a little project. Can you please handle this for me on behalf of the society?
    The Single Action Shooting Society is requesting gift card donations to assist Veterans at hospice care welfare with patients who have been negatively impacted by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Every gift helps provide resources that will stabilize a Veteran and ensure a positive upward trajectory during this critical time.
    I have decided to make it a personal duty and I'll be responsible for the reimbursement of cards bought. Kindly confirm if you can help out.
    Brad L. Myers
    (The sender email was: director@tahessddscm.org)
    SASS only sends emails to our members on a limited basis- and all emails that are truly from us will ALWAYS come from an @sassnet email address.
    Misty Moonshine
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  3. 1 minute ago, Matthew Duncan said:

    Let me know what the work schedule is, I'd like to come and help y'all 


    I have been and likely will continue to be there pretty much all day everyday from around 9AM - 6PM (except this Wednesday)- however, I'll be heading back to NM on the 7th - but I know the AMAZING PPR crew here, led by CC Top-  have a work weekend planned for Sept. 11 -12.  Anything beyond that is not planned at this time. 


    Start time is likely around 9AM -  bring drinking water, I know they'll/we'll have snacks and lunch for the crew arranged. If you think you can make it, just shoot me an email (misty@sassnet.com) so we can keep track of the numbers to ensure we take care of everyone. 


    It's kind of hard to miss in Akron, but the address is 102 E. Rochester St. 


     Would appreciate all the hands we can get- and, dare I say - It's FUN! :)




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  4. On 8/27/2021 at 6:24 PM, Dusty Devil Dale said:

    Don't hold yer breath.  It's a SECRET.  Don't ask why it's a secret.  That's a secret too.  


    It's a private, for-profit company.  They can and will privately do whatever they want to do.  You and I have the recourse of any customer of any business.  


    You can refer to my thread - it is pinned at the top of the wire for a more thorough explanation/response to this question. 


    NOthing secret about this. Secret wouldn't have involved my posting an announcement and pictures in excitement about the upcoming relocation. Secret wouldn't be my spending hours reading through all of these wire threads and comments- on top of the over 30K folks reached on Facebook and trying to engage and answer questions as much as possible. 


    The cloak and dagger attitude is long gone in SASS leadership.  I've always prided myself on being transparent and communicative to SASS membership. If I may suggest, if you have an outright concern, please reach out to me directly- you don't get very far putting something on the wire and then being upset if I dont happen across it to address your concern. 


    Misty Moonshine



    Now, I'm back to building demo and treasure huntin'. 



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  5. On 8/25/2021 at 3:59 PM, Colt Laredo said:

    Why was this location chosen?

    A small dying town in the middle of nowhere, an old forgotten building.

    What kind of foot traffic goes through this town that would equate to new members?

    Are we even trying to attract new members? 

    I'd sure like to know the decision process that was taken considering we had the whole country to choose from.

    SASS’ offices have been located in an equally small town in NM since 2009. The areas population density does not affect or play a role in the success or efficiency of our operations. Why move to Indiana and not stay in NM? 
    1. Supportive Business friendly community environment 
    2. State of Indiana business tax incentives 
    3. Lower cost of living
    4. Political environment in IN is more conducive to the shooting sports and gun industry 
    5. Regional socio-economic analysis
    6. After holding EOT in IN in June, spending a lot of time in the area, I (Misty Moonshine) fell in love with the area and the people. My children are grown and gone, I have no further ties to NM, and made a PERSONAL choice for MY life and future happiness. 
    7. The group of SASS members in the area, particularly the Paradise Pass Crew- a motivated and unstoppable force of support for SASS and personal friendship. 


    “An old forgotten building”… umm… I guess this is a matter of preference- you see old and forgotten, I see a gorgeous, historic TREASURE from 1900- complete with a rich history (which includes an attempted robbery in 1902!)… the building stands proudly in photos of WW1 soldiers parading downtown upon their return, it served as the operators office when the fire station was across the street and has deep roots in history of the area. History- I cherish it. It stands as strongly and as proud today as it did in 1902. 

    “Are we even trying to attract new members?” …. Absolutely- now & ALWAYS. The location of our offices has ZERO bearing on the execution of SASS’ Membership marketing. 


    Akron is a beautiful THRIVING community rich in history and tradition- & in the three days we’ve been there starting demo, dozens of local residents have popped in to welcome us to the community-  the Town council president,  neighbors, business owners… you name it. Absolutely phenomenal welcome! 

    Misty Moonshine 

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  6. 7 hours ago, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

    Hey MM, do you have any interior pictures? 

    Best of luck on the move!


    I do have lots of interior pics- I’ll start a thread when we start the remodel/restoration so everyone can follow along! 


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  7. 4 minutes ago, Jon C said:

    If they have internet and the mail gets delivered it will probably be fine. 

    How much of the membership signed up because they walked past the office?

    If the overhead goes down more resources are available to support recruitment, which I have to imagine would be more beneficial that foot traffic. 

    100 % correct. 

    HQ office location has zero bearing on the marketing or success of SASS. 


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  8. 2 hours ago, Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933 said:

    Moving to a small dying town (population 1000 and going down) whose only attribute seems to be its proximity to where EOT 2021 was held.  Makes you wonder if they are laying the groundwork to move EOT out of Arizona before the first EOT at the new location is even held.

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. 

    Small town, yes. Dying town? Absolutely not. 

    Moving EOT from AZ before it’s even been held? Extremely speculative conspiracy theory negative nonsense. 

    Misty Moonshine 

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  9. 12 minutes ago, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

    Hopefully, Misty and Ruby are part of the move.


    Of course we are. I’m lucky enough that when I decided on this move, Miss Ruby happily chose to come along!! 

    Misty Moonshine

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  10. Exciting news! 

    SASS is proud to announce our next big move for the future! Coming soon- a final relocation of the SASS World Headquarters Offices. It’s official- SASS closed on a beautiful historic (1900) building in Akron, Indiana today. Stay tuned for updates and a final moving date to be announced soon. HUGE thanks to Anna Gilsinger with ReMax Results of Warsaw, the Indiana SASS member contingent, the Paradise Pass Crew, the SASS Board, and the Wild Bunch for their unwavering support and encouragement as we embark on our next adventure solidifying the future of SASS.

    Misty Moonshine



    #greatthingsarecoming #sassrelocation2021 #paradisepass #indiana #goodbyenewmexico




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  11. A note to all Forum Users:


    The goal of the SASS Wire Forums is to provide a fun and resourceful place that users can come and discuss topics in regards to SASS and Cowboy Action Shooting. We also want to celebrate free exchange of information and conversation, and realize that "spirited" discussion can happen at times when the subject matter is one that we feel passionately about.


    It can be a challenge to express ideas and opinions in the written word and nearly impossible to judge intent of the manner of which it is intended. Please keep that in mind when posting on the forums- be considerate of the challenges we all face when trying to communicate on the SASS Wire. We are not looking to curtail expression- everyone has their opinions and are entitled to them. We want to make sure that everyone is able to participate fully and express themselves without fear of ridicule.


    There IS a difference between a debate and an argument. Arguments are disrespectful and will not be tolerated.  Treating each other with respect is paramount.


    Please be considerate of the challenges that we all face when trying to communicate on the SASS Wire.


    Please refer to the following excerpt from the Guidelines: 


     Inappropriate or offensive content and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. To assist in defining inappropriate content, ask yourself the following questions when making a post:

    - Is this message SASS-related? (with the exception of the Saloon forum)

    - Is this message something most members would like to read?

    - Does this message add value to the forum?

    - Is this something I would say to a person face-to-face?

    *If you cannot answer yes to all of these questions, please reconsider posting your message. 


    IGNORE FEATURE TIP: If you find there is a forum user that you no longer wish to see posts from,-regardless of the reason, there is a feature built in to the SASS Wire Forums that allows you to "IGNORE" a User. There are a few ways this can be accomplished. You can either hover over the member's icon that you wish to ignore and a "Ignore" option will come up- taking you to your Ignored Users page within YOUR account. This is where you can manage the content you see within the Forums. You can also arrive at your Ignored Users page within your account by clicking on the down arrow next to your name/account info in the top right corner and select "Ignored Users". This is similar to "unfollowing" someone in Facebook. 


    Thank you,

    Misty Moonshine & the SASS Wire Moderating Team





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  12. 2 hours ago, Tombstone Tex said:

    I know the old wire had a limit on posts per page, I feel like it went up on this one from maybe 30 to 40 posts? why the change? I also noticed that the post # went away. For instance, when someone said "look at post 14 for an answer to your question". That wont be possible anymore or is it a setting on my end in the way I view the wire?

    When I was looking around the Administrative Control Panel, I saw that posts per page and topics per page were set to 35 each. I imagine that was also the previous setting as upgrades usually grab previous settings and preferences.

    About post number, I noticed that too, when I wanted to refer to one, and don't like it's disappearance.:mellow:

    Maybe a tech will see this and answer or fix it.

    There are no "techs" to hold out hope to see this and answer or fix. We don't have tech's.... our hosting service doesn't monitor our wire forums. All they do is maintain the software and keep it safe; installing upgrades, etc. The only way to get changes made is through SASS HQ- we communicate to the hosting service and do what we can to facilitate the request.

    I will have to contact them and ask them about Post #'s. If we can add them back, we will- but please understand that they are not software developers. Will do the best we can.

    As Allie mentioned on another post... I  cant read every thread or post either... if there is something like this that comes up - don't just "hope" I happen to see it. Please reach out to me directly at misty@sassnet.com

    Misty Moonshine

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  13. Press Release


    January 30, 2017


    The Single Action Shooting Society® Celebrates 30th Anniversary

    The Single Action Shooting Society® (SASS) is pleased to recognize 2017 as its 30th Anniversary.


    SASS was founded in 1987 as a membership organization with a mission to preserve and promote the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting™. Over the last 30 years, the Single Action Shooting Society has grown into an international organization, recognizing over 105,000 SASS memberships along the way.


    SASS is the internationally recognized governing body for the wildly popular sport of Cowboy Action Shooting, promulgating rules for safety and consistency in competitions across the globe. With over 600 Affiliated Clubs in 24 countries, SASS sanctions championship matches at all levels of competition, including State, Regional, Divisional, National, and the World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting, END of TRAIL®.


    SASS members share a common interest in preserving the history of the Old West, a love of the cowboy era, single action firearms, and action-packed competitive shooting for all skill levels in a safe, fun, family-friendly environment. A true multi-generational organization and shooting sport, SASS and Cowboy Action Shooting have always been so much more than just a monthly shooting competition. For most members, SASS is not only a family tradition, it has become a way of life — a true SASS family.


    SASS has come a long way since its origins and is a direct reflection of the membership who have joined with enthusiasm, expanding and keeping alive the joy of the game and its foundation of friendly competition — what we call Spirit of the Game. SASS credits much of its success to these individuals and groups who have contributed to the growth of the organization and the direction of Cowboy Action Shooting™ along the way.


    As SASS reflects on the past 30 years, we look forward to the future with anticipation and excitement for the evolution and continued growth of the organization and the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting. We look forward to many more years providing unparalleled resources and benefits to our members, supporting the shooting sports and firearms industry, and upholding our original mission — preserving and promoting the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting™.

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  14. I am on here pretty often but did I miss something with Misty? Is she still around? Jim


    Hi Jim No Horse!


    Thanks for thinking of me, and for wondering about me. I'm around- and I'm not going anywhere! ;)


    Super busy with a million things, just back from SHOT show, and gearing up for the Great American Outdoor Show in PA. Lots of planning and coordination coming along for END of TRAIL, and a good long list of other things- always working to improve SASS, its events, programs, and member services! I haven't had much time to peruse the Wire Forum. I'm always "reachable" via my direct email: misty@sassnet.com.


    Again- thanks for checking on me!



  15. Hello Everyone!


    First off, thank you all so much for your time and for volunteering to help "man the booth"! At the Great American Outdoor Show.


    I need to impose a deadline for any potential volunteers to get signed up so that I can make sure I have plenty of time to order exhibitor badges and parking passes for everyone- AND, to have enough time to get those mailed out to each of you before the show.


    The deadline to sign up to volunteer to help is Thursday, January 5th, 2017.


    If you are still on the fence about volunteering, please get signed up before this date. This is the only way I can guarantee I can get you an exhibitor badge (credentials for entry) and a parking pass!


    Here is the link to the sign up module: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040f4da4ae2ca02-thegreat1


    I've been pulling Volunteers names off of the sign up module, and if you've signed up already- THANK YOU!


    Once I receive all of the badges and parking passes from the show, I will send them to you- and I will include important information about the show.


    I look forward to seeing you all there!

    Misty Moonshine

  16. Hi everyone!


    SASS will be exhibiting at The Great American Outdoor Show scheduled to be held February 4-12, 2017 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

    I will be flying out for the show, and I need SASS member/shooter volunteers to help me work the booth at the show.


    A little about the show:

    - World's largest consumer outdoor show

    - 9 day show

    - 650,000 sq. feet of exhibitions, 9 halls

    - 200,000 attendees


    If you have some time and would like to help me in the booth promoting the organization and the sport we all love so much, I would be extremely grateful for the help!


    You can learn more about the show here: https://www.greatamericanoutdoorshow.org/


    Please contact me directly at: misty@sassnet.com or call the office at 505-843-1320.


    Thanks so much- this is going to be great exposure for SASS, Cowboy Action Shooting, and mostly.....FUN!!!


    Misty Moonshine

  17. You didn't see the letter from SASS where they are now asking clubs to pay SASS for non members that shoot at their local matches.

    Little Rob,


    I haven't seen a letter from SASS where we are asking clubs to pay SASS for non members that shoot at local matches.... I'd sure like to see what you are referring to.



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  18. The SASS® Organization


    A few of SASS’ own members have recently stated, “What does SASS do for me?”, “What does SASS do as a “parent” organization… and even the statement “We don’t need SASS to play Cowboy Action Shooting™”…


    While the latter statement may be true in the short term, it wouldn’t remain so for long without SASS® - and Cowboy Action Shooting™ wouldn’t be the recognizable or respected discipline it is today in the Shooting Sports and Firearms Industry if it weren’t for the direct efforts of the Single Action Shooting Society®.


    At this critical time in our organization, I think it is important to illustrate what your membership in SASS means on a global scale- and list just some of the achievements SASS has championed on your behalf over the years. While being humble is an admirable quality, I think it is time to outline some of SASS’ accomplishments.


    SASS® membership means different things to different people, and membership in SASS has both tangible and intangible benefits. In many ways, those intangible benefits outweigh the tangible benefits of a registered alias, a shooters badge, and member discounts.


    Did you know?

    • Colt SAA’s and their clones would be illegal in California if not for the direct efforts of SASS on your behalf.
    • Without SASS, members in California would only be able to have rifles that are limited to hold 10 rounds only.
    • SASS represents its members interests to protect gun rights:
      • Testified before the California Senate Judiciary Committee on Firearms related legislation
      • Testified before the California House Public Safety Committee on Firearms related legislation
      • Testified before the United Nations General Assembly on the Treaty for Regulation of Small Arms and Light Weapons (currently titled The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT))
    • Today’s wide variety and availability of Single Action Revolvers and Lever Action rifles is directly attributable to SASS and its success as an organization.
    • SASS created and still creates and maintains a visible market that influences manufacturers.
      • Ruger Vaqueros
      • Marlin Rifles without a “micro-grooved” barrel
      • There would never have been a need or desire for a .38 bullet weighing less than 158 gr.
      • SASS members would have a difficult time finding competent gunsmiths to work on their guns (there were only a very small handful in the early 80s)
      • Winchester quit putting the cannalure in their .45 LC brass and made it a smooth walled case so it would last longer.
    • The quality and design of those firearms is immensely superior to those of yore- and while that’s largely due to the efforts of Boyd Davis (EMF) and Val Forgett (Navy Arms), their efforts would’ve been fruitless without the visible market that is the SASS Organization of members.
    • Many retail giants in the industry (Midway, Dillon, Cabela’s, Brownell’s) stock and market Cowboy Action Shooting accessories, parts, etc. – a direct result of SASS’ influence.
    • Internationally, many countries are signing on to the UN Arms Trade Treaty. Those countries will be expected to conform to the mandates of the treaty. SASS stands as the organization that invokes protection to ensure that SASS members and affiliated clubs are protected by definition- meaning their guns are protected.
      • SASS membership affords members in many foreign countries to possess firearms that they otherwise could not legally own.
    • SASS has had a profound effect on the way firearms and the shooting sports are viewed by many, including the press. Men, women and children dressed in 1890s clothing, shooting old time firearms presents an aura of FUN. That in turn has influenced other shooting sports, which have adopted the public approach of “shooting is a FUN, SAFE, pastime.” Even the National Shooting Sports Foundation advertises their First Shots program with an emphasis on FUN.
    • SASS has been a member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation since its inception, and has helped develop many of their range programs.

    Today we are seeing many of our traditions, much of our history, and many of our core values denigrated, devalued, and in some cases, simply erased. SASS stands for and promotes the preservation of those valued elements. If you think not, ask yourself why you like your SASS pards. Why do we all say you’ll “come for the shooting, but stay for the people”?


    It is our mission to ensure SASS continues for many, many years. Not the least of reasons is our ability to pass on the history, the values, the camaraderie and good will exhibited in our game. SASS has worked diligently to provide a sport and an organization that your entire family can enjoy together. Steeped in core values you and every member of SASS teach the young ones by example. The core qualities of free men and a free nation should not be allowed to die. Every single SASS member should be introducing friends, family, and neighbors to SASS and influencing them to join. There is strength in numbers, and the larger we are the stronger and more influential we are. Every member should swell with pride to be part of SASS.


    On behalf of the Founders of SASS and Cowboy Action Shooting- The Wild Bunch-


    Misty Moonshine

    PROUD member of The Single Action Shooting Society


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