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  1. On 3/15/2017 at 8:58 AM, Cold Lake Kid, SASS # 51474 said:

    Blizzard and cold here. Winds are brisk. I sure wish we could see some of that Glow-Ball warming I keep hearing about.

    Ya sent yore winter here, didn't ya, ya basket!

    Just came in from blowing the driveway and shoveling the veranda. Two to two and a half feet in the flat and close to five where it's drifted.

    Blower was just tunneling through the drifts. Stuck cars all over the place.

    #1 son just got back from Florida and had to go to work. He's still muttering to himself.

    Think I'll go into hibernation mode for a bit.

    Never mind the lawn, get off the snow bank and quit knocking down where I just cleared!


    Let me give ya somethin else to be grumpy about..... it was sunny and in the low 70's today here in the Texas Hill Country. :P:lol:


    I want my fresh cup of coffee and a cookie for sharing that exciting news! :lol:

  2. Pet Peeves Dont Seem to be a Endangered Species .

    So we should be-able to Make Leather Holsters out of them :-)


    ................right up until the point where you mentioned that. Now someone will attempt to get them on the "E" list. <_<

  3. I wish I had some videos of me shooting. I am not fast at all, but I do shoot left handed, double duelist style with a 97. I very rarely make transition "mistakes" so you could perhaps see it done in "slow motion" to see how to perfect the technique!




    A double duelist '97 leftie? That's allowed in New England??? :P:lol:

  4. Here are some videos of Missouri Lefty






    Billy the Avenger


    Thanks Billy.


    Can't argue with Lefty as an example of great shooting, I'm gonna have to study those vids my own self.


    I don't know that I'd classify myself as a solid shooter, but I have improved my stage times by studying and fine tuning my transitions. As I'm most often the guy behind the camera, rather than in front of it, I don't have any vids to share with you. Most vids of me shooting are hat cam and difficult to see transitions.


    I have a bunch of thoughts that may or may not help her, but I don't know that it makes sense to type them up at the moment. I've long planned on doing a video on transitions but have yet to get it done. Most often when I'm at the range I'm busy with the match, or tired out from the match and haven't gotten it done.


    If I get some time over the next couple of weeks I'll try to throw some folding tables up in the garage and get some footage. If you haven't seen it yet, feel free to PM and ask me about it in a week or two just to keep me on task.


    Thanks Grizz. Will do.

  5. I don't have pet peeves so much as a peeve menagerie.


    I will mention though that Red Cent does nice leather work.


    So you are saying that Red Cent makes leather peeves....or leather for peeves? :blink:


  6. Howdy all,


    A request from my bride Sunny Spurs. She shoots left handed (double strong side) and is looking for some action videos to work on her transitions moving from left to right on a stage.


    Any suggestions of names for some solid shooting lefties shooting double strong side pistols?


    Thanks. :)

  7. Have shot hundreds of stages that use rebar stands and thousands and thousands of rounds at targets hung on them. As someone who has moved TONS of steel I love the versatityand ease if use. Yiur targets and stands look great!!!!!


    +2 behind Possum Skinner.


    Good job Roy B. You guys keep on enjoying the fun!

  8. Hellbender, we'll be passing through Lake Charles on the 13th headed to Houston to visit my brother and sister so we won't be able to make your match on the 14th.

    I'm planning to shooting at the THSS match in Texas on Jan 15th if all goes well. We'll be back in Pontchatoula later in the week and are going to try and make it to the Deadwood Marshals in Sorrento on Jan 21. We'll be back through there some time and shoot with ya'll.




    Saturday the 14th- Darby Rough Regulators. These guys are about an hour and 15 minutes from Katy (depending on where in Katy of course) and are a great club to shoot at. Super folks.





  9. Roy,

    If you did end up running with the double trigger Stoeger, (and you're right handed) you can always flip the triggers. Some will say it doesn't make a difference but I did for me when running one a few years ago. (Before I ended up with an SKB...)


    Larsen Pettifogger did an article on it some years back that couldn't have been written up any better. Took me about 4 hours. Others trying mind ended up flipping theirs also.


    Enjoy the adventure! ;)

  10. 10 farmers, 10 opinions. How great if she could shoot both the Lightnings AND the Thunderers!


    A good friend of ours, about 5'3" and a small lady has had the opposite experience that Hoss mentioned. She had shot Lightnings (standard grips) for years. When going to the heavier NMV's (again the standard grips) it was much more pleasant for her to shoot because the heavier pistols took a bit more of the "bite" off- using the same light loads.


    If the Birds head grips feel right, the heavier Thunderer may be more comfortable to shoot...or not... :D


    Ahh the adventures we have!




  11. Once again, they read out the top 10 MEN, but not WOMEN! If they think they don't care, they're wrong. Very rare that anyone will. I've been trying to get them to do it at Trailhead, but with limited success.


    They read out the Top 10. It happened to be all men that time. Probably a thing or so they would tweak next time around but this was Darby's first "big match" and they did a great job! Great lunch as well. Lots of smiles and laughter- both after...and during the match! :lol:


    A shooter will not feel more welcome anywhere. Thanks Darby!


    Best to ya Tell. :)

  12. In regards to barrel condition I might be the exception to the rule, but build up from lead has been extremely minimal from the cowboy loads- and we shoot a lot.


    Making the switch to HiTEK coated have been nice though. Not only are they massively easier on die maintenance, but you can do them in colors! :lol:


    From what I'm hearing you can use them with real BP without having to use big lube lead anymore? That's gotta be good...


  13. Bear sign is an old slang term for homemade doghnuts. Made in little lumps and not the rings we are familiar with nowadays.


    Now I am grumpy because I hate typing on my tablet confuser.


    Get off my lawn!




    You ain't got time to be lookin around on the Wire. Get back to work! :angry:


    ....and mow your lawn! :angry:

  14. Now I'm really grumpy since I have no idea what this is supposed to mean.


    Hey Larsen- ya think this is any indication of where the next 1,996 posts are going with this one?

  15. Hmmm... :blink: ...."Bearsign".......... :wacko: .......... Sounds like either a bear foot print in the trail, or...... :unsure: ....bear poop.


    Don't think I want either.


    Looks like I picked the wrong trail, errrrr thread. :mellow:

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