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  1. Howdy, Indiana State doesn't sell out ( capacity is 506 , as tested in 2021 EOT) but we typically see 140 to 160 for our state match. for us, the dates are always the issue, we have so many awesome State matches here in the mid-west and the holiday weekends are already taken and we do not want to infringe on those dates and clubs, so we we just plan it in the 2nd week of June. I think that states having low attendance should consider teaming up with a neighboring state for the combined match. This has worked well for many states in the past and if the clubs can come together and work together it can be a strongly attended match. BTW, any state wanting to team up with us, let me know..
  2. Howdy, It's true that revolver sales ( DA and SA) are a small percent of total gun sales in stores. Our store, we stock at least 2 full cabinets of revolvers and sell more of them then some of my friends that have shops. But Semi auto is still the king of sales (roughly 90% of the handgun sales). The tough part is that the manufacturers are now constantly on backorder for all semi auto micro and mid compact handguns through the distributors. One of our big distributors told me last week that they have a continuous backorder for the Hellcats (all models) of over 5,000 units. This is a standing backorder as they come in, it reorders at 5,000. Same with many other hot guns. Revolvers they order 300 at a time. The other issue is that the new to firearms crowd does not want anything but a high capacity 9mm. This is from great marketing, and TV shows and movies. Rarely do you see the hero of shows using a revolver. It's a shame that it is so hard to get new shooters in most cases to consider a revolver since it would be much better for them to start with. But we sell them what they want at the end of the day.
  3. Super excited about coming ! We are looking forward to it!
  4. Camp grounds are mowed and now open for the campers to come in any time. See ya all soon.....
  5. Prayers from Paradise Pass.
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