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  1. Good Day All, The SASS Board and Misty Moonshine read many of the threads on the wire (I am one of the Board members). Speaking for myself, I do not reply often, based on time and the number of replies it takes to explain many items. Some things on this topic that I would like to add are as follows: SASS membership is strong and has a great retention and new customer base. SASS sees new member applications from all over the world daily. SASS is actively researching and discussing marketing and programs for 2022 (details will follow in 2022) SASS is a strong and viable company and is working hard to build a strong future for the brand and members. I have an extremely strong background in marketing (as do several other Board Members and Misty Moonshine). Misty always appreciates suggestions in well thought out and worded emails, and those can go to any board member or to the SASS office. That will provide a complete structure for a reply or use of information. The Board and Misty are working very hard on many fronts to improve the quality of the sport/game, the increase in membership, member retention, club retention, new club affiliation and many other topics during every Zoom meeting and or emails exchanged. Rest assured SASS is in very capable hands and will be here for many years to come. We thank you all for your support, membership and for your efforts at any level to increase and add new members. 2020 was a tough year for the world and for almost all businesses, 2021 is and was about setting the pace and tone for 2022. This planning and strong reaction to 2020 to improve 2021 again shows how well SASS is operating. 2022 will be a great year for SASS and it's members. Thanks again and take care everyone.
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