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  1. A few years ago I had a steel frame Uberti in .44 Spec.

    My smith only so slighty filed the front of the carrier to reliably load and shoot my favorite cowboy cartridge .44 Colt.

    Holds 15 rounds in the tube & is highly accurate even at longer distances up to 200 yards.

    Before that I had brass frame Uberti Henry in .44-40 that the same smith modified to shoot the .44 Colt by setting back the barrel.

    After the mod. the tube only held 14 rounds of .44 Colt.

    A pard sweet talked me to sell it to him.

    This smith did the same job to a friend of mine's Henry and also to two ASP 73s originally of .44-40 cal.

    The mods needed to alter these lifter type lever guns from .44-40 to a straight .44 cal. cartridge - either .44 Spec. or .44 Colt - in addition to setting back the barrel are limited.

    Like the barrel the tube and the lifter will have to be shortened, and some spacer fitted into the carrier housing to adjust the shorter housing to the length of the straight cartridge.

    Long Johns Wolf

  2. I am shooting a pair of Colt 1861 Navies converted to Richards-Masons in  .38 LC as main match pistols.

    One is a Uberti 4-screw frame, the other a 2nd gen. Colt.

    Their barrels were cut to 6".

    My back-up is a 2nd gen. Colt 1851 converted to .38 LC.

    All three pistols were fitted with .357" liners.

    Long Johns Wolf

  3. SASS Alias: Long Johns Wolf

    SASS #: 81096

    Where are you from:  Hofheim, Germany

    How Long have you been Cowboy Action Shooting: Since 2008, give or take a few years

    Preferred CAS pistols: Custom converted C&B Colt Armies and Navies


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