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  1. Sorry, I will stick with Bela and Chris! These guys are just too funny to take serious.
  2. To answer your question "The Shoer" I was checking places to put or rent a trailer and Rio Vista came up. It is a good thing because Alameda County(where I will soon be leaving is not very gun friendly, there are very few if any gun shops. and no gun shows. ) And the area just feels right.
  3. After 20 + years with the same woman, Claire (aka Mean ol Lady #71247) passed away on Feb. 1st 2018. I was looking for a new place to live because her brother wants to clean out the house and sell it to settle the estate. After a year(mourning) I had a few near misses in finding a place to move to. Mike, Claire's brother has bought me a 27ft travel trailer and I am moving to Rio Vista, Ca. It seems that in an early version of her will, she said she wanted Mike to buy me a trailer. So, I am making the leap, any words of wisdom about life in a RV ? I am looking forward to a new chapter in my life, and I feel I will fit in Rio Vista. At least I will not be the only person looking like a cowboy. After the house sells, I will get a percentage of the sale of it and the money Mike put up for the trailer will be repaid from my share of the sale. Then I might make Rio Vista my base and make some traveling plans. The hard part is downsizing and the Dog will lose a back yard to play in, she will have to deal with going out on the leash more. We will see what happens.
  4. Miz Allie, Thank you kindly for the Info. I will check out Manteca. My Late Girlfriend's Brother is buying me the trailer I will be living in. I will be in Rio Vista and I took a quick tour Friday after paying my space deposit. I feel right at home there. Now I have to get my dog to like the fact that she is losing a yard.
  5. This aimed at my Northern California Pards: Are there any Sass Clubs near Rio Vista? I am relocating to Rio Vista and will be in need of a new club to shoot at. Any help will be most appreciated. Thanks.
  6. You have to watch where dummy rounds go when testing the 92, they can fly! I know, I lost one and found it a month later!!
  7. I went to one in Pleasant Hill, Ca. I did not like the lack of Cowboy guns and the lack of being able to find gun stuff in the gun dept. I will never go in to one again!
  8. Sorry, I had to ask. I thought the slit would be a problem as apposed to the "Trapdoor" I guess is was not. I hope I did not offend any one with my remarks, I just had to ask. Where else can a pard go to ask such things?
  9. I have to ask: Have any of you fellows used the slit in the back of your long johns? I was not sure of it, having just unbuttoning them and pulling them down. Well I had no choice the other day, So I took a "Leap of faith" and it worked! I was not sure, but now I am. Makes life easier.
  10. I was looking for a Rossi/LSI Puma to trade for my Marlin and there were none to be had! I am trying to get a another rossi/LSI because the marlin feels too heavy to me. I noticed the Marlin is slightly shorter that the Rossi but heaver. If there is some that wants to trade a Marlin(jm stamped barrel) in 38/357 for a Rossi Carbine PM me.
  11. I was replacing the magazine spring, follower(both stainless steel) and a DYI Saddle Ring. Well, the spring & follower were easy(needed a dummy round to move the old follower out) The Saddle Ring was another! Steve said in the instructions it was easy, till you need to pull the hammer spring to slip the paper clip in the hole! NOT EASY!!!! But it looks so cool now. Found out it is Not a Rossi, It is a LSI/Puma 92 ! I found this out when I looked at Buttstock replacements, the Rossi has a plastic flat buttend made of plastic, mine is curved and steel! I then read the small print on the top of the tang, and it said LSI/Puma ! Suprise!! Not a Rossi!! Now I know better. Things you learn while doing part replacements!!
  12. I have Johnny Cash's "Ghost riders In the Sky! Have to pay a small charge but worth it. My late girlfriend, Claire had the James Bond theme. She liked James Bond.
  13. I have a pair of the Colt Peacemaker look alikes. I had Claire get me one for Christmas, and the lady at Big5 asked if she wanted BB's & CO2, she said "No he will put his Eye out" I naver laughed so hard when she told me that. The second one she bought for my 60th Birthday. They are the plated copies with plastic grips which look like ivory. and they are 7 1/2 in barrel length. and they look good in the holsters. I have not seen the rifle yet.
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