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  • Birthday 08/29/1954

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    Texas Peacemakers, current President

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    Kaufman, TX
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    Cowboy guns, SASS, cowboy guns, NCOWS, cowboy guns, GAF, and did I mention cowboy guns? I also like doing action jobs and basic gunsmithing on those cowboy guns. But then, on the other hand, I really like about any gun that bucks and snorts enough! Particularly like Colt DAs from 1877-1920, and the modern Colt DAs (1950s-1980s).<br /><br />I raise cattle on my ranch - Registered Scottish Highland Cattle show and Limousin cross bred to eat.

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  1. Just moved down from Northwest Tennessee Longriders looking to shoot some with ya as soon as your range opens up again could ya keep me informed when it looks like youll be up and runnin again?

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