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  1. I have sent e-mails about this several times over the last few years and it still bothers me. Yes, there are ways to get around the error message but why should a potential new member have to do that? We are always talking about getting new members but we have a major issue when someone goes to our website to find a location for a shoot. I don’t think that gives a good impression of our organization to a potential new member. We should make it as easy as possible to get information about our shoots and clubs. It’s been this way for years, it still bugs me, but looks like there is not any incentive to correct it.
  2. I have had a Lee Load All for about 20 years and bought it to load black powder. I have just started reloading smokeless and here are my observations: The press leaks quite a bit of powder. I have tightened everything as much as I dare but still have quite a bit of leakage. I have done some research and this doesn’t appear to be unique to my loader. All of my powder bushings are not accurate. My 13 grain bushing is accurate to within .2 grains but my 13.7 grain bushing throws 14.2 -14.4 grains which is too much of a variance. I am using Titewad powder and I know the powder choice can make a difference. This is something I will have to figure out. It will produce shotgun shells and will take some work on my part to do what I want to do. For the price and no more shotgun shells than I shoot I will figure it out. Just my thoughts so far.
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