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  1. JBar that is a rough crowd you shot with Wed.!! Whew!! With deepest respect I would sure miss watching you run them guns, no matter how you get it done. Learned so much from you about this game. Attitude was a big one . Antiqueing guns advice, and lots of good shooting advice. I wish and pray for Gods will for you.

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  2. I agree with all of the above!! Had a great time!! Will defenitely be back! Hopefully before next October!  And personal congrats to OK Dirty Dan for top Classic Cowboy Overall. 

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  3. First congrats to the Free State Rangers for putting on a GREAT match!!!  Cornbread and Beans Thank You for a great time! And a lot of people behind the scenes to put this match on Thank ya also. Congrats to Cooncan and Sneaky for overall women and mens champions! And to all the other category winners.  Great stages, food, weather, fellowship, and shooting!

    If ya have not shot here put it on your calendar!

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  4. Creeker thank you for taking the time and effort and putting this out there. Take it or leave it style. My prayers and wishes for continued  recover . I sure wish I could write like you, got lots I would to say but , its just my heart goes out to you. Sorry you got to go through it. You will be blazing away soon.

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  5. Google search indicates they are Federal 209A primers from demilled ammunition.

    which is out of date ammo???

    anyway gave $40 for 1000. Worth a try just wondering if anyone else has a thought?



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