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  1. Folks thanks for the input.... but this has gone so far off topic its time to let this thread die,,,,,Fanner
  2. I think you guys are missing the point,,,, its about letting the shooter choose what and where he would like to shoot. Hopefully to make everyone feel better about their game. Sometimes its a long and expensive trip to shoot for a couple of days I for one like to know what I'm getting into. We have a lot of members that don't travel and it might help them find something they like to attend. I get tired of hearing about the old days when you shot quarters at 30 yards, if that's what you like great shoot those matches, but not everyone either likes them or has that skill set. We have declining attendance at matches what would help?
  3. I have always enjoyed Eldorado just for that reason , you knew what to expect, it's 400 miles each way but .worth the trip I also attend shoots where it is front sight and rear sight, that being said there are a lot of shooters that don't enjoy that .
  4. I was at a practice with several members of our clubs (Battle Born Rangers) and we were discussing all the controversy on target placement and degrees of difficulty in stages. We arrived at a fairly simple solution, put info on distances and difficulty on the Registration form for the match or the advertisement. If you live in the west you often travel between 1 and 5 Hundred miles to attend a match, we all know generally how the clubs we are shooting with set their targets and stages, but for people unfamiliar with those clubs the info would be helpful. If you are going to change the way you set up a match let people know. It is a giant disappointment to drive a long way and not enjoy a match if you don't like the setup . Let participants choose where they would like to spend their hard earned money. It also eliminates a lot of sniveling as the information was on your application , just shoot and enjoy.
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