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    SASS Alias: Oklahomabound (Okb fer short)

    SASS #: 66347L

    Interests: Flyfishing and fly tying
    Sporting Clays
    Wing shooting
    Military rifles
    Cowboy action shooting

    Where you are from: Hazel Green AL (...just shy of the Tennessee Line)

    How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: fer awhile now...

    Graduate of Sawyer's Shootin' School

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  2. ...retired at 56; that be 11 years ago... ...my how time flies!!!


    ...unlike Rev Lyin Kerrdawg who is getting stuff added, I have been gettin' parts removed... ...and God has been gracious to Ms. Mary Matilda and meownself and allowed us to travel most of these United States (read RV)

  3. I trout fish the Hiwassee River (east TN); the creeks and rivers in the Great Smoky National Park; the Elk River below Tims Ford Dam; these are in TN.... I be in north Alabama just shy of the TN line...

    ...this varies from rock hopping to wading to sneakin' along the creek....

  4. I've lost track of time, being away for the last few years. As the holidays approach, I thought it might be time to return for a visit or twa. So I've saddled up my mustang and headed to Toostone. I wonder if I'll recognize anyone, or if they will recognize me?

    ...good evening from Okb and Ms. Mary Matilda, who now hail from north Alabama just shy of the TN line...

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