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  1. I'd be happy to do that, Widder. Just don't know when I'm going to get there. I will try to make a concerted effort to post here when I do. Have to liberate it from layaway, first.
  2. I have purchased the Marlin after re-examining it this afternoon. The fit of wood to metal was adequate, if not well done and the front sight was straight. The wood initially appeared to be mis-matched, under better lighting today I could find no issue. Naturally, it's a bit rough and heavy...but I can fix that. The forearm is not as chunky as my other Marlin, which I was happy to discover. Now to see if it shoots well and exhibits any ammo preferences.
  3. I apologize for my lack of clarity. I was merely asking for information and personal experience...which I received. I will be looking at the Marlin again, since it is local to me and I'm partial to the Marlin, since I have one in .45 Colt. If I could find the same rifle stamped "JM" for nearly the same money...I wouldn't even be typing this. I will also be trying my hand at 'smithing the Rossi, to see if I can make it smoother, since I like the light weight and smaller forearm of the 1892 pattern. I no longer have quite the interest in CAS that I once had, so "racing" my rifle isn't that important. Most "race" guns walk the fine line between speed and breakage, if the opinion of Nate Kiowa Jones means anything. For those of you that did invest a lot of time typing and outlining your reasoning, Thank you again.
  4. Thanks for all the replies thus far. I'm not really interested in a "race gun." I'm just wondering about the current state of affairs. Marlin's quality is still questionable, though improved. Uberti rifles and Miroku are beautiful but cost more than I'm willing to pay. Rossi quality is all over the place and I have'nt seen one for sale for quite a while. The original idea is to get a .357 to lower the cost of feeding it and possibly get a short rifle or trapper style carbine to do double duty as a defense rifle.
  5. Currently shoot parts gun Marlin in .45 Colt. Looking to downsize to .38/.357 to lessen cost of feeding. POLITE opinions sought on the three rifles mentioned. (Please no Henry posts...I want a side loader.) Please be complete in your answers. Wesley Broyles posted in Lever Action Guns Group. 59m
  6. SASS Alias: Padre Peel, formerly Wicked Willie SASS #: 9377 Where you are from: Gainesville, Florida How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: nearly 28 years, I reckon
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