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  1. Great info! Where did you find that listed?? Do you have a link?
  2. The published max load 7.3 grains of Hodgdon Universal in their Cowboy load data manual shows a 200 grain bullet travelling at 777 fps. The data is supposed to be for both pistols and rifles but given it's only 777 fps I'm thinking the testing was done in a revolver or similar length test barrel? Has anyone chronographed the same load out of a 19 inch carbine and if so what kind of speeds are you getting? I guess if you have run the same load out of any rifle or carbine I'd like to hear what kind of speeds you are getting. Many thanks!
  3. Thanks! I've read about this prior but your pics make sense of it. My Model 12 doesn't have the flag. I spent a few hours over the last couple of days disassembling and giving it a detailed cleaning. After putting it all together I ran fired shells out of the chamber and dummy rounds from the magazine; it seems to be running a lot better now, I didn't experience and feeding or ejecting issues. I'll take it out to the range this week and see if it stays that way.
  4. I've always liked the look and balance of the 4 3/4" guns, Colt or Ruger, but I am quickly learning that the 5 1/2" guns are great shooters. For me they seem to be the optimum barrel length.
  5. How can you tell a flagged from non flagged carrier? What you describe "keeping the shells in the port while running it fast" may be what I am experiencing with my model 12. What tuning is required to fix this?
  6. Mornin'. Been a long time since I've been on the forum. I've done some searches here (with little success) and on some other forums and from what I could it doesn't appear that many people use Ruger Blackhawks anymore for CAS. Anyone still using them? If so, what do you run and are they stock or modified in anyway? If I understand the categories correctly one can only use adjustable sights in Wrangler? I've got a Old Model Flat top in .357...I'm trying to figure whether it's worth finding a 2nd gun and using them for CAS. I've got a pair of Colts that I use but you know it's easier to buy another gun when everyone tells you you should!!
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