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  1. On 2/5/2017 at 3:44 PM, Cat Brules, SASS #14086 said:

    Why haven't you called Bear Creek Supply and ASK for the heavier bullets? It is pretty much a one-man shop, so leave a message and call back if you don't get an immediate answer


    (209) 874-4322

    .... Steve


    19406 Yosemite Boulevard

    Waterford CA 95386

    Yes, call Steve. Former Iowa boy so you know he will treat you right. 

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  2. I was watching a re-run of an Elementary episode the other night and the actress playing the Captains ladyfriend looked real familiar - finally dawned on me last night that it was Virginia Madsen from Crossfire Creek.

  3. If you'll be shooting them in a lever gun make sure you have a very firm crimp. I have learned the hard way that a stiff magazine spring will push a bullet far enough back into the case to jam up the works!

  4. We bought a sound bar for the reason you mentioned. Bought a Samsung since most their stuff is highly rated. We have 3 tvs , 2 Sony (one an older model) and one Sharp. Could not get the sound bar to work on any of them. Couldn't even find the program area we were supposed to use. Maybe if I hired a hot shot teenager they could make it work. Might sell it to you for the right price.

  5. got a few rifles with new scopes or ladder sights that will need to be sighted in so yesterday when I was in Flagstaff I went to Sportsman warehouse and picked up a laser bore sighter - the kind you stick in the end of the barrel. Got home and stuck it in the first rifle and the light came on and faded away to nothing. Great! Now do I try replacing the batteries cause it'd cost me as much as I paid for the unit to drive back to Flagstaff or are these units just crap and I should chalk the experience up to I should have known better?

  6. I have seen the same guy with the same gun at several shows. He has it labeled as a 1873 Cadet trapdoor - except it is full size! Talked to a couple of others who were perusing his table and all were totally confused how he could have it labeled as such. Oh and of course the tag also read "RARE".

  7. I would heartily suggest that you get your hands on a copy of Ken Waters "Pet Loads". I have enjoyed a good many successes using his book for the statistics.


    One I particularly remember was a 338 Win Mag, that following his recommendations resulted in an extremely accurate load at Factory specified velocity. 6 rounds brought it in to a load that reached my velocity requirement and resulted in 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards. Just don't get any better than that, particularly with larger caliber Rifles.



    I have Pet Loads and consult it regularly. However, many of his tests are old at this point and don't include some of the newer powders or bullets.

  8. Well, I made a visit to Sportsman warehouse in Flagstaff today to seek out the components. I was surprised how few of the powder choices were available. I selected Titegroup partly based on its lower price than the only other powder. Also got Berrys 115 gr bullets. They had no small pistol primers so I guess I will throw in a few of mine.

  9. Jackson, our current Heeler aussie shephard mix, is a rescue from a rescue sort of. My son took care of him while the neighbor owner was out of town (her little daughter not knowing better had mistreated him) and they never came over to take him back. Then my sons American Bulldog decided Jackson was competition and should not live so we got him.

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