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  1. hoping to find some recommendations on smiths. Have two italian colt replicas--an asm walker and a pitta navy. Pretty sentimental about these two as they were handed down to me recently from a true buddy who has passed. I don't want to compete with them or anything but I would like to get them tuned and upgraded to be really reliable shooters so I can bring them out from time to time in honor of my buddy. Hoping to find a smith I can mail the pistols off two, get some magic done and have them shipped back. Any recommendations?
  2. appreciate all the info...sounds like you guys have it nailed on the head...or the hand I think. Took pistol all apart. Its dirty and gummed up inside pretty good but the hand spring also looks like its just about broken off....I ordered some replacement parts and am going to give it a whirl to see if I can get it back together!
  3. been long time lurker here not too big on posting.....mostly I just love shooting cap and ball and you guys are the experts! I have a pitta 1851 navy. Worked great for a few years but now its acting up. On half cock the cylinder just spins almost freely. When cocking sometimes the cylinder doesn't catch and advance with the pull back of the hammer. Other times it will cock and advance fine. Hoping you all can help me diagnose what needs fixing and point in direction of a diagram or something to help me know what to do....I love tinkering and think I can get it fixed
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