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  1. 6 hours ago, Hoss said:

    Like many, I have 6. Load them up the night before. Gives me one more chance to check for split cases and high primers. Then it’s simple. To the loading table, don’t have to worry about counting rounds going into rifle. Load up, slip block in hip pocket, (no trips back to cart with ammo boxes) ready to shoot. Only way to go!

    and Missouri Marshal is great guy to work with. Gets work out quickly, sends an invoice with note if satisfied send payment. (And I’d be willing to bet he has never been stiffed!) 

    Howdy Hoss,


      Thanks for your support.  Ya gonna make me blush.  BTW, didn't you just have a birthday?  Well Happy Birthday (late) Yee Haa!

  2. On 2/23/2020 at 7:53 PM, Anvil Al #59168 said:

    Just got them ordered. Thanks.


    Did not see anything about color.

    If there is a choice. I like kind of a reddish brown.

    But no big deal if not.


    Looking forward to seeing them. Have been using some that I made. They work.

    But don't look as good as yours. And don't have Anvil Al on there. So have lost a few that

    I dropped someplace along the way.

    Howdy Al,

    Working on your order.  I have a Mahogany stain which is a dark reddish brown.  I'll use that

  3. I've thought about offing a "Senior Buckaroo" Category to be shot at a monthly match but scored separately. Haven't done it yet. Don't know how many folks would have 2 single action .22s and a .22 Lever Action.

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