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  1. I don't like this new system. They only allow 400 characters. I'll email you when I get home this evening.

    Enjoy your 5th wheel...They are a blast.

  2. Hey Grumpy...I used to live on Farmington Dr. just off of Amelia Church road. I wasn't shooting SASS then but I went back there and shot once. Look up Doc McCandles, he'll take good care of ya.

  3. Red, I'm sure glad you and your partner have decided to go up for the St Jude Match. All ya gotta do is fill out the application and in the spot where it says... SHOOTER $20___________ Just write Cascasde Charlie in the slot and that will help the bookeepers.

    I'm glad t see a few more of the Gateway Shootist going up for this. There will be plenty of people you know.


  4. Good morning!

    It's only a little before 11:00 am in IL now, and Ruby Red Rider may be at a match. But I'll initiate a PM with them and see if I can't keep the ball rolling. I'm pleased at the way this is turning out. I thought I was going to have to wait for everybody to get home from Winter Range before I opened up this thread again.

    Take care,



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