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  1. 42 minutes ago, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

    What pure, plain, diamond -studded, gold-plated, star-spangled, unmitigated, criminally stupid time and money wasting BULL Stuff.


    You folks at the bottom of the world are suffering from bureaucrats, elected, appointed, hired, and volunteered who are challenging California's well-earned positin as the top of the heap idiots.







      ................ yeah ....



  2.  .. hmmmmmmmm, ..... DT ..... Deplorable Tenement

                                                      Diabolical Transient

                                                      Despicable Tangent     ???  :huh:

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  3. 11 minutes ago, SHOOTIN FOX said:

    Now if we could get an M or I plate so we knew who to avoid! 


    and, by the way, it appears that the plates that are beneficial to avoid are the green ones, ............. it seems that because they have had their licence for more than 12 months they KNOW IT ALL !  <_<

  4. 2 minutes ago, Subdeacon Joe said:

    What are P and L plates?

    L plates are displayed by "learner drivers" who must be accompanied by a licenced adult driver at all times they are on the road.

    P plates (red) are displayed by new drivers for the first 12 months after they pass their driving test. (provisional driver)

    P plates (green) are displayed for the next 3 years after the driver gets past the red plates.

    each comes with restrictions and conditions.


    L plates may be obtained after the age of 16 and 9 months and are usually valid for 3 months, though they may be extended a number of times.


    The above applies in New South Wales, other states may vary.

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