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  1. 31 minutes ago, Cat Brules said:

    Call them.  They “cater” to the CAS/SASS community; David is the owner; he understands us.


    David sells custom or pre-made hats.


    D Bar J Hat Company
    David Johnson
    5960 South Topaz Street
    Las Vegas, Nevada  89120
    (702) 430-0681


    If cost is a significant issue, you could even check eBay.   EBay is iffy, of course, but check them out.   If I lived back East, those two would be my first stop.


    I hope this helps.


    Cat Brules


    Thanks Cat!  I'm familiar with that outfit.  Nothing wrong with them but I've had bad experiences buying hats on-line that I cannot try on.

  2. My family and I will be traveling to the Orlando Florida area in March.  Since quality cowboy hats are scarce as hens teeth here in New York we figured we would do some shopping while down there.  Can anyone recommend a shop in Orlando or within an hour that has a good supply of cowboy hats?

  3. Got a smart phone? There are shot timer apps. I have one, it works well and it's free.

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  4. What fancy extra features? I don't even see any checkering on the stock.


    You have three grades of Black Diamond Shotgun. 1. Black Diamond 2. Black Diamond Trap Gun 3. Black Diamond Skeet Gun.


    Look at the receiver for the words Trap Gun or Skeet Gun stamped. Adds much more value. I have a BD Trap Gun.

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