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  1. 5 hours ago, Jackrabbit Joe #414 said:

    Well I gotta tell yah pilgrims it was 1996 Montrose, Colo at San Juan range. Lots of bed springs walking on same. leaping onto bed springs to jump onto staged horse barrel. It was a fun match and riding the old widow maker down the tracks. Those were the good old days and also grabbing a hanged home made dummy and carrying it down the steps to some other place.  Lots of fun stages they were. Matter of fact did end up taking Senior 1st place.






    I shot this match in 2000. It was my 4th cowboy match. 22 years later and still haven't shot a match that was as much fun or CRAZY..Thanks for the memory..

    Faygo Kid

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  2. ​Howdy Ya'll Mr. Top...You have been after Eleanor and I come down for several years now....and.......guess what....Eleanor wanted to go to Back at Ya......so it just happens to be on the way to Texas....Let the Furrie One know that Eleanor and Faygo are plannin' on being there. And I'm bringing my Rope........LOL.........See you in Sept..........Take Care........Faygo

  3. Noz.....me too....lol.....


    Warden I had that problem a few years back when I went to EOT. I just had hearing aids at the time and had lost total hearing in my right ear. Some where on the way home, all of a sudden it pop and started working then a few minutes later it was gone again. Went to my ear doc when I got home and found out that I had a hole in my ear drum.....

  4. Widder when they do a implant it destorys the nerve endings. You are deaf it that ear. It's all electric after. They're really remarkable!! If your hearing went away over a period of time(30 years) like mine did you won't believe what you can hear when they first turn it on. But you do have to have less then 40% (I think) hearing to be eligible....Faygo

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