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Maine: Senate to Vote on Ban of Self-Defense at Polling Locations

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Tomorrow, May 19, the Maine Senate will vote on an anti-gun measure, Legislative Document 805, that would allow municipalities to impose a gun-free zone on polling locations across Maine.  This measure may move to the House for a floor vote as well.  Please contact your Senator and Representative and ask them to OPPOSE LD 805.


Legislative Document 805 takes the first step in eliminating Maine’s current firearms preemption law by allowing municipalities to impose an almost total prohibition on the possession of a firearm in a “voting place.” The bill effectively creates a gun-free zone not only in the actual “voting place,” but prohibits possession within a 250-foot zone of the entrance, with limited exceptions.

State firearms preemption was enacted by the Maine Legislature to avoid a confusing patchwork of firearm laws across the state. Without preemption, there would be a myriad of local firearm laws making compliance impossible for law-abiding gun owners.

Again, please act now and call on your State Lawmakers to OPPOSE LD 805.

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