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The May issue of Frontier Tales is ready!

Durango Duke

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It’s springtime, and the

Tales are busting out all over.

Take a gander at this month’s Frontier Tales offerings.

Read and enjoy!


Mack's Winter by Dorman Nelson

Mack went into the wilderness of Montana to live as a loner, but a young Indian woman literally fell into his life. Perhaps it was time to quit being standoffish?

* * *

A New Sheriff in Town by Frederick Voss

When Tom came back home, most everyone noticed he wasn't the same fellow he'd been.

* * *

How the Shoemaker Got Rich by C. F. Eckhardt

When cultures and languages collide, an "enterprising middleman" can come out way ahead.

* * *

The Tracker by Chad Strong

Will tracked his father's killer until he had him in his sights. Retribution, his father had preached, an eye for an eye. Now, Will would have it.

* * *

Wild Horses by Connie Vigil Platt

When Toby captured the big mustang stallion, he was determined to break the great horse's spirit. Who would win the battle?

* * *


Enjoy the Tales, then VOTE for your favorite story. Winners from each month will be included in upcoming paper and ebook volumes of The Best of Frontier Tales Anthology ~ The Best of the West.





Thanks for your support,

Duke Pennell, Editor (aka Durango Duke)




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