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Yep, I've heard it called the 15 minute rule. Copy and paste your reply into Word, leave it there for 15 minutes, then see if it's really worth the reply. Often someone will make the point much clearer in that time, or you may find a rewrite is needed. As to the other two threads, I didn't think they got that far out of hand, maybe a few replies needed cleaning up, but overall it was a good discusion. Good Luck :)


Jefro :ph34r: Relax-Enjoy

Hi Jefro,


Maybe only a few things needed cleaning up. However, once they are out there for a period of time, there isn't much point in editing or hiding them as so many folks have seen them. The Moderators try to get to things before a thread becomes non-productive. By, that time, it is best to just lock the thread and "let tempers cool." Locking a thread without cleaning the trash talk, should send a message about what has gone awry and make the closing better understood.


You can always renew the discussion with a new post. It isn't that certain topics are being forbidden by locking a thread. It is more of requesting a fresh and more polite start to the discussion.




Allie Mo

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"That algorithm already exists. It outed J.K. Rowing when she wrote under a pseudonym."




That was an entire book and I'm sure the poster does not have the technology. Let's stay realistic here.


I am only recently retired from the world of data mining and data science. The NSA does not hold an exclusive on the mining of data and patterns from the internet. In fact, most of the basics are taught to undergraduates at Stanford where the algorithms and mathematics are considered trivial. They hurt my brain but I am not a whiz kid. Doubtless, most of the brain trust schools teach something similar, I just know about Stanford because I took their online classes.

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And then he calls folks cowards and backshooters. Hmmm




period correct words Mmmmmmmmm


the wire is like a playground full of kidds

sometimes the kidds git a tad bit out of hand

so the playground superviser has to raise their voice a tadd bit to git herd

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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