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The August issue of Frontier Tales is ready!

Durango Duke

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Dear Western Readers,


The dog days of summer are upon us, at least here in the Ozark Mountains. Why not cool off in the shade with a few entertaining Tales of the old days, when air conditioning was the wind in your face and a cold one was mighty hard to find?


Hope you enjoy these four satisfying Tales:

A Shootout in Jerome by D. L. Chance

When a renowned manhunter takes a day off and leaves behind the tools of his trade, what will he use instead to defeat the murdering, rustling backshooters who interrupt his relaxation?

* * *

Blazin' a Trail by Jenean McBrearty

Sheriff Cal had seen some fair-skinned folks in his time, but the Pinkerton man's skin was the pale blue of a hideseed flower. Where on earth was this feller from?

* * *


The Badge of Lucius Maddox by Larry Payne

Lucius had run into the derby-sporting outlaw before, but this time she stole his badge. How much nerve could one woman pack behind a bandit's bandana? One way or another, he was determined to find out!

* * *


Buzzards Circle Dogtown, Part 1 of 2 by Mark Mellon

The powerful leaders of Dogtown thought they had everything under control until they picked the wrong rancher to mess with. Heck Pargrew was nobody's fool, but this time he was boxed in tight.





Durango Duke

Editor, Frontier Tales


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