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I have so many ideas!

Deviile Dalton

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​I just want to say I so many ideas which may help SASS bring in the public to help more vendors show up and be lucrative. First of all when folks come through the mission, we need a petting zoo for the children. Many have never petted barnyard animals. put it towards the SASS scholarship fund and it will be great! $1.00 for a cup of corn. times fifty children a day or more.$$$$$ Second we need to invite non profit historians of the old west. They can provide education with a free space that SASS can write off for educational/ non profit donations.They can sell their wears but no problem because it gives us exposure. third local radio stations. tickets to give away, a live remote, etc... Free advertisement for SASS! Drawings, gifts, rewards make folks want to participate. Families come to have their children enjoy so lets provide it as much as we can. Last. Don't charge a Waddie. I walk all day, check to make sure the vendors don't need anything, set tables, run for water and lunches. Whatever they need. Treat you Waddies like gold because if you loose them you are left holding the bag... Just suggestions. If you are interested I can do the child petting zoo next year. Deville Dalton. SASS 81294. 505-286-1304... What are your ideas to make EOT memorable and exciting????

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