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Ambush at Cavern Cove (Alabama) Scores

Ginderella  (SASS # 80446)

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Winners by category below:


Two Ponies - Top Cattle Barron, Ambush & Alabama State Champ


Dirt Road Dude - Double Duelist, Ambush & Alabama State Champ


Cornbread Willie Brown - Elder Statesman Duelist, Ambush & Alabama State Champ


Alabama Shootist - Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter, Ambush & Alabama State Champ


Larry Earp - Outlaw, Ambush Champ


Rooster Cogburn - Outlaw, Alabama State Champ


Uncle Frank 1st place & Cherokee Charlie 2nd Place Senior Rimfire, Uncle Frank is Alabama State Champ


Stone Mountain Kid - Senior Frontier Cartridge, Ambush & State Champ


Sammy Jo - Senior Ladies Frontier Cartridge


High Card - Silver Denior Duelist


Buckaroos - 1st Coyote McNeely, 2nd Rattler McNeely, Ambush & State Champs


Slick's Sharp Shooter - Junior Girl, Ambush Champ


Red Wolf Swain - Junior Boy, Ambush & State Champ


Parlor House Pearl - Grand Dame, Ambush & State Champ


Trail Bandit - Elder Statesman Ambush Champ, Buckboard Jim is State Champ


Roma Jane - Ladies Senior Ambush Champ, Tullamore Dew is State Champ


Ozark Azz - Senior Ambush Champ, Fast Eddie is 2nd, Tuff Stuff 3rd & State Champ


Two Ponies Gal - Ladies Silver Senior, Ambush & State Champ


Cherokee Sgt - Silver Senior Ambush Champ, Waco Jim 2nd & State Champ


Shamrock Sadie - Ladies B Western Ambush 1st & Overall Top Lady, Shawnee Dakota Di is State Champ


Knot Hardly Done - B Western Ambush Champ, Black Jack Lee is State Champ


D Q Jones - Senior Duelist Ambush Champ, Reno Rick is State Champ


Navajo Kid - Frontier Cartridge Ambush Champ, Daybreaker 2nd, Stones is State Champ


Bill Carson - Frontier Cartridge Duelist Ambush Champ, Buckshot Chamberlain is State Champ


Joe West - Frontiersman Ambush Champ, Andrew Quigly is State Champ


Ben T. Iron - Classic Cowboy Ambush & State Champ, Irish Dan O'Shootem 2nd, Bo Didley 3rd


Buck D. Law - Gunfighter - AMBUSH & STATE CHAMP!!! Bluff 2nd, Pleasant 3rd


Rusty O'Toole - Senior Gunfighter Ambush & State Champ


Iron Maiden - Ladies Duelist Ambush Champ, Iva Gun 2nd & State Champ


Potshot Parker - Duelist Ambush Champ, Badger McNeely State Champ, Hammerstone 2nd


Maggie Darlin - Ladies 49er Ambush Champ, Sugah 2nd & Overall Alabama Lady Champ


Desperado Dan - Men's 49er Ambush Champ, Six String 2nd & Alabama Champ


Blackfish Kid - Wrangler Ambush Champ, Christian Mortician 2nd, Wabash Valley Slim 3rd, Barkeep Casey 4th & Alabama Champ


Sidekick - Cowboy Ambush & State Champ, Alabama Overall Men's State Champion, TOP GUN AT AMBUSH, Unpleasant 2nd, Austin Lee 3rd


Carolina Girl - Cowgirl Ambush Champ, Ima Darlin 2nd, Sweet Lady J 3rd, Daisy Rose 4th & Alabama Champ


Dew R. Dye - Ladies Wrangler Ambush Champ, Diamond Deb State Champ

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