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Bama Belle, #6673

NON-CAS AR-15 complete upper

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Complete ready to drop on your lower!


I've got a very nice, lightly used 16" AR upper with BCG and Charging handle, appears to have a very low round count. Got this in a trade deal and since I've already got 16" guns, this one gets turned into other toys! I put this on my Armalite lower and test-fired for function. No surprise - worked flawlessly!


I'd say this upper is about 98%, only a few small nicks in the finish drag it down from 100%. Sorry about the dust bunnies in the photos!


Cerro Forge "Keyhole" upper with FA, machined T marks.(Previous owner said it was an Armalite).

SA Bolt carrier group w/ charging handle, bolt is marked "AL 5E". I believe this is an Armalite BCG.

Barrel is 16" 1/9, mid-length gas system.

Yankee Hill Free Float Lightweight Mid-length quad rail handguard, part# YHM 9634

YHM folding front sight/gasblock w/bayonet lug, part# YHM 9394

YHM A2 fixed rear sight, part# YHM 643K

A2 flash hider


The color of the upper is really black, not the greenish gray it appears in the photos.


$595 shipped. Know your state laws regarding pre/post-ban!

Only trade I'd be interested in would be a really nice Winchester 9422, .22 LR, not the magnum.



ONLY UPPER in photos is for sale!


Photos here!

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5.56 !


(Cheaper to shoot than 7.62) :lol:


If anyone is interested and will be coming to "Hellfire" Sept. 23-25th, I can bring it for a hands-on looksee. I'll knock off a few bucks for a FTF sale.

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Oh Shucky Darn! While that is a lovely lookin piece of finely machined steel, I already have a .223.

I was Hopin it would be a 7.62 (AK or .308)


BTW- Several years ago, at the SW Regionals when they were hosted by CVV, YOU were my posse leader. And we had a great posse and a great time! I am sure you have no memory of me (I am one of those "cannon fodder" shooters - I never win anything, just pay for everyone else's buckles!!), but I remember you and would be proud to shoot on your posse any time! Are you comin to Comin atCha this year?




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Sheriff, won't be making it to CAC. :angry: Come over to LA & shoot with us!


And a Bumpity-Bump for the weekend crowd!


Open to reasonable offers!

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