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Shootin Last #88977

***** ALL SOLD ****** 45 ACP Brass

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I have used 45 ACP brass for sale, number of times shot=?, mixed head stamps, cleaned and primers removed.

The batch I use I have reloaded many times, I use it until I lose it or it cracks (the batch I reload I am keeping)

The stuff I am selling I have never reloaded.

All With Large primer pockets.

Hand sorted,I removed all Cracked, Bent, Crimped primer pockets,and small primer pockets, and any that I would not reload.

All bags have extras in case I missed something.

1,000 + pc = $80.00 Delivered USPS priority mail.

2,000 + pc = $150.00 Delivered USPS priority mail.


Also 375+ PC 45 ACP nickel plated brass, mixed head stamp, some look new, most once fired, most Federal and RP.

$50.00 delivered USPS priority mail


Check, MO, PayPal. Check payments will not ship for 10 days after I receive. Mo and PayPal will ship 24-48 hours.


email only

Email me

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