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Long Range rifle FS

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First and formost this is not my rifle. It belongs to my shooting pard The Nunica Kid and I offered to help him get this post up on the Classifieds so he can find a happy new home for this nice rifle....



Here is what he is selling. A .38-55 Uberti-Cimmarron 1885 High Wall with the following features.


- 30 Inch Octogon Barrel


- Double Set Triggers (I think the pull weight is adjustable)


- Pistol grip style stock


- Vernier tang and a globe front sight with spirit level


- 20 inserts for the front sight, plus the original inserts that came with the rifle as well as the instructions.


As you can see in the pictures below, the rifle is in great shape and it shoots very well. I know Nunica Kid has bested some strong competition at the state and regional Long Range shoots with this rifle. It is a shooter! :)















Nunica Kid wanted me to let you know that he will forward his pet load information for this rifle to the purchaser and that he is looking at $900 plus shipping to your FFL. He can be reached at 231-557-2408

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