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Deadwood Drifters "Gates of Hell-2011" is in the books

Irish Red OToole, #48939

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Lefty Longridge and The Deadwood Drifters out did themselves yet again on this year's "Gates of Hell" match. The match is basesd on the Clint Eastwood movie, "High Plains Drifter" and each of the twelve stages was a scene from the movie. We let Stacey Bridges and the Carlin brothers out of prison. Callie was dragged to the stable for a "manners" lesson. We had to shoot the bad guys from the barber chair. We shot at The Stranger in the bath tub (with lots of water flying!!). The hotel blew up with not one but two explosions (Check Lefty LOngridge's Facebbook page for a video). The twon was given shooting drill in the street. And, finally, the Carlins and Stacey Bridger were dealt with in the firey climax. My hat is off to Lefty for continuing to come up with creative stages. We had wig-wgs to shoot through, swinging targets, a rolling "rabbit", and even a flyer to contend with....in addition to the already-mentioned hotel explosions. I just son't know how th eman continues to come up with these matches but as long as he does, I'm going to keep shooting them.


There were also two meals provided from Latin Gun and Latin's Lover. Anyone that has tasted such a meal knows you never leave camp hungry. The Drifter also had a Friday posse to accomodate everyone with Easter Sunday commitments (like me). Many thank yous for that. I couldn't have been a part of the match without it.


So, next year...when someone tells you that you need to shoot "Gates of Hell", don't even think twice about it. Just sign up. You won't regret one mionute of it. I promise.

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