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  1. I love this little gunn made in 1984. But in the several years I've had it, its had a nasty habit of occasionally feeding one a bit sideways. I've tried different bullet shapes. I've messed a bit with the carrier. Of course, if I run it slowly and deliberately, it feeds fine. But if I speed up, this glitch will show up. I tried swapping out the ejector. This one came with a funky design with a long spring. No improvement. In the night, I got out of Sawmill Mary's 1894 CBL in 357 and started swapping parts. Changed out the carrier and other combinations of parts. Nothing helped. Then I noticed the difference in extractor and place in bolt face. Bolt on left is out of 1894cs. Bolt on right is from a newer JM CBL. Two significant differences. One, on the CBC bolt, the ejector hole is below center line of fireing pin vs at center on the 1894c. Two, the shape of the extractor nose is much different. The CBL extractor has a very heavy angle shape to the front face. The 1894c is just flat. I put the CBL bolt in the 1894cs and ran three 10 round magazine's full through it as fast as I am able without a bobble. While I think I've found the problem, I'm not sure if I can replicate the shape on the 1894c extractor. Or even if I bought an extractor like the CBL it will work in the 1894cs bolt given the different hole location.
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