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Found 3 results

  1. Indoor Cowboy Action with the Lake Park Raiders in Niles, Ohio! It’s time for another Indoor Cowboy Action Match! Saturday March 09, 2019! The time has come to meet us again over at the sleepy little town of Niles, Ohio where we can have a blast puttin’ holes in a whole new slew of nasty, wicked squares of special paper jest made to be perforated! This special paper is 35% larger than last years’ paper and is just as shootable if not more so! Watch the holes appear as if by magic! You will place in the top 25 for sure! AND at last years’ prices too! Doors open at about 8:30am *** Sign-up is at 9:00am Lead down range at about 10:00am right after the Welcome, safety meeting and the Pledge of Allegiance. Coffee and Donuts! No lunch will be served so bring your own snacks to ward off HONGER! Vending machines are available for sodas and snacks! Bring all your cowboy guns! Raffle, hog-legs, and Mr. Side-by-side or Mr. 1897! 12 gauge and 20 gauge shotgun rounds will be provided by the club! We’ll do 5 fun-filled stages of Old West style paper punchin’ jest like it wuz done in days gone by! Feel free to go outside and cool off if ya git too hot! Visitors and spectators are always welcome but wear your safety glasses and hearing protectors; it’s mandatory. Visit us at: http://shenangoriverrats.wixsite.com/sass I hope to see you there. All the best, Slow Mo Dern Ps: Sorry folks! Smokeless powder only! -- Mo
  2. Indoor CAS in Niles, Ohio Thursday February 28, 2019 Howdy! Thanks to everyone for coming out to participate in our Thursday Work-Shirker Open Class CAS Match with the Lake Park Raiders! A good time was had by all! Willy Goodnews finished in First Place! Congratulations, Willy! Cheatin’ Charlie was second place and Swiftwater Jack finished third! Clean shooters were Swiftwater Jack, T.J. Law Dog, Hagen, and the Brunswick Kid. Congratulations to all our winners and contestants! Yay! Thank you for all your help making our CAS match a success! Our next match is Saturday March 9, 2019. Come out to shoot or just come out to say, “Howdy!” You can always visit at: http://shenangoriverrats.wixsite.com/sass Visitors are always welcome at our matches but please wear your safety glasses and hearing protection! I hope to see you soon. All our best, Slow Mo Dern and the Lake Park Raiders
  3. Indoor CAS in Niles, Ohio with the Lake Park Raiders! Saturday February 09, 2019! The Lake Park Raiders Ride Again! Yeeehawww!! Come join us, the Lake Park Raiders, as we cowboy up indoors to tackle Five more fun-filled stages of Old West paper-punchin’ wackiness! Coffee and Donuts in the morning! Vending machines for snacks and sodas are available or you can pack in your own grub an’ vittles! Take advantage of 35% bigger targets for the same price as last year! Bring all the cowboy guns! 2 pistols, rifle, and shotgun! Leave the shotgun ammo home! 12 gauge and 20 gauge indoor shotgun ammo will be provided by the club! I hope to see you there! Slow Mo Dern Important notice: Sorry folks, no Black Powder! The building’s too small to accommodate all our black powder aficionados but we still love you folks! Spring’s comin’! Visit us at: http://shenangoriverrats.wixsite.com/sass
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