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Found 5 results

  1. Chiappa 1887 with Lassiter Drop 2 action job-Just got this from Lassiter, shot less than 100 rounds - smooth drop 2 action job , 1300.00 shipped to your ffl. No trades Thank you, Riverdog
  2. I have a pair of OLD MODEL Ruger Vaqueros in 45 Colt For Sale - They have New Gunfighter grips, Checkered, Sure hit brass sights, 5 1/2 inch barrels, great bores, lightened hammer springs and action job. I'd like 1200 and I'll split the shipping to your FFL. Thanks for looking Riverdog
  3. Thursday February 27, 2020 Indoor CAS in Niles, Ohio Thanks to everybody for coming out to Niles, Ohio on a cold, snowy, and slippery day to join us Lake Park Raiders in our indoor Cowboy Action fun! I hope everyone got home safe and sound. Today was our Thursday Work Shirker Open Class CAS match that was inspired by Tombstone’s Doc Holiday. We used Val Kilmer’s famous and not-so-famous movie lines and I think a good time was had by all! Gunfighter Laramie Leadslinger won first place! Congratulations, Laramie! Clean shootin’ Shenango Joe came in second. Honorable mention goes to Grandma Barb for making us chocolate chip cookies! Congratulations to all our winners and contestants! Our next match is Saturday March 14, 2020. Stay healthy and come join the posse! We’ll shoot up Curly Bill’s house, ambush the Plinkerton’s, wreak havoc at the Dollar General store, and do a new Krazy Thom sweep! It’s a peach! We hope to see you there! All the best, Slow Mo Dern
  4. Howdy! Thank you to everyone that came out to Niles, Ohio today to shoot a round with the Lake Park Raiders! A good time was had by all! Our first place winner was Hooligan Howes! This gunfighter’s pretty tough to beat! Congratulations, Hooligan! Our second place winner was N.A.Custer, another gunfighter who’s tough to beat! Congratulations to N.A.Custer! Congratulations to all our winners and contestants! Thank you for making our new shooters welcome and thank you for the offers of help, equipment use, and ammo donations. Cowboys are the best! Along with Joe Capp, we were joined by cowgirl shooter Deadeye Diane. I think she found a new pastime! Big thanks to Bojak and Heartless Hanna for bringing in the big cooker filled with smoked sausage and sauerkraut! It was excellent! Shenango Joe had a birthday; he is now in the El Patron class! Congratulations, Joe! Our next match is over 2 weeks away on Thursday February 27, 2020. It’s our Thursday Work Shirker Open Class CAS Match! Five more fun-filled stages of Old West wackiness! I hope to see you there! All the best, Slow Mo Dern (and I approve his here synopsis!) Visit us at: http://shenangoriverrats.wixsite.com/sass
  5. Indoor Cowboy Action in Niles, Ohio! Thursday January 30, 2020! It’s the Last Thursday of the Month Work Shirker Open Class Cowboy Action Shooting Match! Come to Niles, Ohio and posse up with us Lake Park Raiders as we spend the day shooting 5 fun-filled stages of Old West wackiness! Doors open at 9:00 am Coffee and Donuts Lead down range at 10:00 am following the Pledge of Allegiance and a brief safety meeting. Come early if you would like to help set-up tables and blankets… Tons of fun at last year’s prices! No lunch will be served so bring your snacks in case of hunger! Cold “so-dee pop” in the cold "so-dee pop" machine! Bottled water will be provided by the club! Bring all your cowboy guns and low velocity cowboy ammo! Do not bring shotgun ammo! 12 gauge and 20 gauge shotgun ammo will be provided by the club! Visitors and spectators are always welcome. Safety glasses and hearing protection are mandatory – safety first! Smokeless gun powder only, please. Use only that new-fangled smokeless stuff all the outlaws use now-a-days! The Thursday Work Shirker Open Class CAS Match! Thursday January 30, 2020 Come out to Niles, Ohio and join the posse! A good time is usually had by all! Haw! Haw!
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