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Found 4 results

  1. Brookfield CAS! Thursday Work Shirker Open Class CAS Match! September 24, 2020 Howdy! Thank you for coming out to Brookfield for our Thursday Work Shirker! The weather was perfect for a small friendly match amongst good friends. I had real good time. Krazy Thom, was our top shooter! Congratulations, Thom! Swiftwater Jack finished second and our good friend, Sixgun Seamus, came in third! Congratulations to all our winners and participants! The next match with the Brookfield Shenango River Rats is Saturday October 10, 2020. Five fun-filled stages! Flying bottles, flying birds, falling plates, nasty rats, and most importantly, fast, fun, and friendly! Spectators and visitors are always welcome. Safety glasses and hearing protection is mandatory. Safety every time, that's us! We hope you’ll come out and join us! All the best, Slow Mo Dern
  2. Brookfield CAS! Saturday September 12, 2020 Howdy! Thanks to everybody for coming out to shoot at the Brookfield Conservation Club. A good time was had by all! Krazy Thom won the match. Congratulations, Krazy Thom! Second place went to clean-shootin’ Swiftwater Jack and third place went to Lenny James. Congratulations to all our winners and contestants! I couldn’t have asked for a nicer match day down in the shady woods with a nice breeze and shooting with all my friends! Our next match will be our Thursday Work-Shirker on the last Thursday of the month: September 24, 2020. We’ll try some different scenarios for you just to keep things exciting. The Thursday Work-Shirker Open Class CAS Match on September 24, 2020. We hope you’ll join us! Be safe and God bless, The Shenango River Rats
  3. CAS at Brookfield in Masury, Ohio Thursday July 30, 2020 The Shenango River Rats are Gonna Ride Again! Howdy! Come join us for a Cowboy Action match at the Brookfield Conservation Club in Masury, Ohio on Thursday July 30, 2020. That right! Thursday July 30, 2020! It’s the Last Thursday of the Month Work-Shirker Open Class CAS Match! Five fast, fun-filled EZ stages guaranteed to put you in a “goodly state of merriment, amazement, and wonderment!” This is the “over the river, through the woods, and under the shady trees” match that was scheduled for a few weeks ago but sadly was rained upon! We’re going to try it again! Gates open at 9:00 am ----- Lead down range at around 10:00 am after the Pledge of Allegiance and a “brief” safety meeting. Tons of fun at last year’s prices! Bring your snacks because no lunch is scheduled! Water will be provided by the club in tasteful little plastic bottles! If it rains again; we’ll be shootin' “up top and under the roof” where we’ll try to stay high and dry! Bring your mask, hand sanitizer, and any other personal protection equipment you think you might need. Word has it that there might be guests and visitors too! Spectators and visitors are always welcome but you must wear your hearing protectors and safety glasses. It’s mandatory. Safety every time, that’s us! We hope to see you there! Be safe and God bless, Slow Mo Dern
  4. CAS at the Brookfield Conservation Club in Masury, Ohio on Thursday June 25, 2020 Howdy! We had a nice day to have our Thursday Work-Shirker CAS match down in the woods. We were finished before the rains came and washed all the plastic bottles away. I hope everybody went home happy and well fed. Miss Tiff and Mrs. Dee Dee provided us with quite a spread and we want to thank them for their kindness, generosity, and courtesy. Thanks, ladies! You’re the best! Cheatin’ Charlie took first place followed by Sixgun Seamus in second place and Rowdy Red Tailor came in third place. Congratulations guys! and congratulations to all our champions and contestants! A good time was had by all! Our next match is Saturday July 11, 2020. We hope to see you there! Visitors and spectators are always welcome. Please wear eye protection and hearing protection. Safety every time, that’s us! Be safe, God bless, and as always – thank you for your support. Slow Mo Dern and all the Shenango River Rats
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