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  1. We had a nice blizzard roll through our area. Started mid-day yesterday and it didn't quit until about 10 am this morning. I was up at 5 and went straight to shoveling out the driveway (after getting the Mrs. unstuck). She got to stay home as her boss said they were closed after she called to say she probably wouldn't make it. I still had to make an attempt. The first mile I barely made it through (4-Lo the whole time). Once I got to the highway, the snow was at least a foot deep but was manageable in 4-Hi (although I rarely got out of 3rd gear). I was doing just fine and only 5 miles or so from work when I encountered a VERY uncourteous driver. We were going opposite directions on a stretch of 2 lane road around bridge construction. I shimmied my way out of the only set of tracks going through so that only my driver's side was in a cleared section from other idiots like me that were out today . Hoping he would do the same I continued on. Much to my disbelief, he did not. I got run off the road and got myself high centered. He had much more mass than my little Jeep so I had no choice but to be the one to budge as he barreled on down the only tracks that had been made in the snow. After about 15 minutes of shoveling all the snow out from under my Jeep (and angrily uttering many an unkind word that shall not be repeated here) a good Samaritan came by and gave me the final tug I needed to get myself out of the snow drift I had found myself in. The rest of the trip was uneventful. I was supposed to be at work by 7:15, strolled in at 9:30 being one of only a handful that actually made it. As noon rolled around, we got the call from our owner that we would just close down for the rest of the day. So I went back to my Jeep which had been thawing out in one of the service bays. By this time, 1 lane each, north and southbound, had been plowed. The trip was much easier this time. The township road, that first mile I spoke of earlier, still required the use of 4-Lo. About an hour ago, it was my turn to go back to shoveling, as our driveway had drifted shut yet again. Low and behold here comes my respite, in the form of a nice, yellow John Deere skid steer. The hired snow removal crew plowed all our roads leading out to the highway via a road grader, and the skid steer went around to each and every house in the development and plowed the driveways. Fantastic ending to a previously blood pressure raising day, and the second time in 3 years I've seen my HOA dues put to good use.
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