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Found 2 results

  1. Only 22 Days until: High Noon at Tusco 2020 LONG RANGE Oct 2nd thru Oct 4th Friday – Side Matches Start at 12:00pm and Ends at 4:00pm LONG RANGE Side Matches will be held on Stage Two and are as follows: Long Range: Categories -- Men/Women, Smokeless/Black Powder and Caliber Guns -- Lever Action Rifle -- Pistol Caliber/Rifle Caliber, Rifle Caliber Single Shot (We have elected to separate the Rifle Caliber Single Shot rifles with Ejectors from the rifles with Extractors. As-well-as Smokeless vs Black Powder) Main Match Pistol Blackpowder and Smokeless Categories Come on up the hill and experience some Cowboy Long Range LONG RANGE RIFLE COURSE OF FIRE SHOOTER TO START: RIFLE MAY BE SHOULDERED AT THE READY POSITION WITH A ROUND IN THE CHAMBER FOR LEVER ACTION RIFLES THE MAGAZINE IS LOADED WITH: REVOLVER CALIBER – 10 RIFLE CALIBER – 05 RIFLE SINGLE SHOT – 01 LONG RANGE REVOLVER THE REVOLVER IN HAND POINTED AT TARGET: REVOLVER LOADED WITH – 05 SHOOTER WILL NOTIFY THE T.O. WHEN READY. ON SIGNAL THE SHOOTER WILL FIRE CONTINUOUSLY AT THE TARGET YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO REST YOUR ELBOWS ON THE TABLE WHILE FIRING. SHOOTER MAY FIRE COURSE FROM ANY SAFE POSITION; STANDING, SITTING OR PRONE. ADDITIONAL ROUNDS FOR SINGLE SHOT TO BE LOADED ON THE CLOCK AND MAY COME FROM THE BODY, POCKETS, LOADING BLOCKS, BELTS, THE TABLE, OR BOXES ETC. ADDITIONAL ROUNDS CANNOT COME FROM ANOTHER INDIVIDUAL OR ANY BODY ORIFICES! Single Shot Rifles has two Categories, Traditional or Modern Basically it’s EJECTORS (Modern) vs EXTRACTORS (Traditional) If you hold the gun level and open the action, if the empty casing clears the chamber, its Modern. Trap doors because of the complex nature of opening, fall into Traditional even thou they eject Original 1885s that do not eject are Traditional Rolling Block - Traditional Handi rifles with extractor or ejector deactivated Traditional Sharps - Traditional Newer 1885s or Browning 78s fall into Modern Handi rifles with ejectors Modern Frontier Lone Rider and Thaddeus Jones We will be right beside the Plainsman Match. Plus, all of you Plainsman are invited to give the Long Range a try at the end of your match. Modified Black Powder Plainsman Match Stage 1: Mandatory Safety Meeting at Noon. 4 Stages hosted by Prairie Dawg and Cheatin Charlie
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