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Found 1 result

  1. Seems to come and go; but every so often, (like now, with two different threads running); the wire gets on a roll about leaving SASS or pining for the so called good ole days. And I fully understand, interests change and apparently NOTHING is as good now as it was 20, 30 or however many years ago. But if you read through the posts without the knee jerk reflex of "Please don't leave... We will miss you... etc.". The posts mostly boil down to I don't want to play anymore because of how OTHERS play the game. I don't get that. How does someone else playing the game in their preferred method affect your enjoyment? I see complaints about shooters being too into competition and using non stock guns. So I assume the shooter is disappointed that they are not able/ no longer able to win; but NO, in the next breath, the shooter claims to have no interest in their placement. I don't get that. If you don't care about placements or awards - then how does another shooters competitive juices or choice of equipment affect your enjoyment? I see complaints about target placements and size being too close or too easy. But the shooter doesn't state or mention any efforts of how they have modified their own behaviors to adjust, (shoot nothing but head shots, create one bullet splat groups, engage rifle targets with their pistols, etc.) I don't get that. If you don't care about awards or category placements AND you have the option to create your own challenges - how does anyone else performance affect your enjoyment? I lied; I do get it. Many (not all) of these posts are NOT simple announcements of tiring of the game or changing attitudes within the game; but basically threats that unless EVERYONE is shooting the game I want to play, (and only in the manner I want to play it) - I won't play anymore. Games change. Culture changes. Participation within any interest ebbs and flows. You adjust if you love it - you leave if you don't. The only person responsible for your challenge, enjoyment or fun at a match is you. If your enjoyment is tied to someone elses action, performance or efforts then perhaps moving on is best. The whole idea of the cowboy is rugged individualism; self sufficiency and the ability to adapt. Take that attitude to the match; if the match doesn't provide the challenge you require - create it for yourself. If another's equipment offends you; ignore it. I hate to see anyone leave a game that I love; but if you wish to stay, you will have to find your own reasons to play and if you wish to leave... Well, bye.
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