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  1. Saw something that I've never seen since I started SASS CAS in 2003. A new shooter, first time at our club, came to the line with loaded rifle and hammer back and TO called Stage DQ. I was manning the unloading table so I didn't know what had happened, just that he unloaded live rounds from all of his weapons. A few minutes later as I was moving to our next stage, someone on another posse asked me about why this guy was packing up his guns to leave when we still had two stages to go. I didn't know. Thought he might have had problems with one or more of his guns. I later found out the TO that called the SDQ on him went over to him as he was packing up to leave, and the guy stated that he didn't feel that the SDQ call was correct. When asked by the TO whether he had read the SASS handbook, he replied "some of it." TO tried to explain that we have to follow the SASS rules even if "we" don't think it is a safety issue or agree with the rules, and that you learn from your mistakes. This was just a local monthly match, not a state, regional or EOT match. I did the exact same thing on the second stage at a state match a couple of years ago after I had been shooting for 14 years. You bet I was upset at myself, but I didn't pack up and leave. I stayed, shot the rest of the stages, and helped do posse chores even though I had blown my clean match and was out of the running for placing in my category. I've seen people get match DQs stay and help do posse chores. I'm having a hard time believing this guy was so upset over a simple SDQ that he'd quit shooting and leave. Not only did he leave, he had to walk over a quarter of a mile with all his stuff and wade across a creek to where he had left his car because he didn't want to drive his car across the creek crossing. Someone had given him and his stuff a ride across the creek crossing in the back of their pickup.
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