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Found 2 results

  1. A friend of mine, Jim Schaefer builds hot rods and as you can see from the pictures Batmobiles. I drove by the station today and they were fueling it up and let me take some pictures. This is the 4th Batmobile that Jim has built. I’ve known him for 25 years and he builds some nice hot rods and classics and does a lot of custom machine work. He’s the guy in the black shirt. The guy that owns the car does quite a few Batman appearances and they were headed down to Escondido for Cruising Grand, held every Friday April through September. The engine is a Ford 460 and the car is built on a mercury chassis.
  2. This is my latest gun cart build. Some will call it the Snake gun cart, I’m sure. While at EOT and on the way back I was thinking about what I’d build next as I had just finished Buck Garrett’s Buffalo Hunter cart and Creek County Kids LOCAS cart, which I delivered to EOT. Double Diamond the leather worker who has done all of the leather work on all of the carts that I’ve built except for the first four or five has a daughter that has turned into a very good CAS participant. I knew she had a birthday coming up and on the refrigerator at home she has the ticket stub to my latest LOCAS Gun Cart benefit raffle posted. DD told me before I went to EOT that every time she goes into the kitchen she stops and looks at the ticket and says “I’m going to win that”. A couple of days after I got back from EOT I stopped by to see DD and I suggested that we, him and me, build his daughter, Diamondback Dree a Gun Cart for her birthday. He wondered if we’d have enough time and I thought we would so we came up with a plan. The hardest part was keeping it a secret because she’s home for the summer from college and is around quite a bit during the day. Well I got the cart built with some time to spare and then last week I delivered it to him to do all of the leatherwork. I had an out of town family wedding to attend for three days last week and couldn’t be there on her actual birthday day and DD wasn’t quite finished with his part so we moved the presentation party up to tomorrow evening. She doesn’t frequent the Wire so it ought to still be a big surprise. I built the cart out of African Black Limba, a lightweight hardwood that really has a lot of character. I used the ebony diamond pegs on Buck Garrett’s cart and liked them so much I used a whole bunch more on this cart. Some may think I went a little overboard but there’s no mistaking the diamond theme. I utilized through dovetail, sliding dovetail and mortise and tenon joinery throughout the cart including the trays. The wheels are the 20” Marathon garden cart wheel with the 1 3/8” x1/2” Xike high tech bearings installed. You’ll notice that the tires instead of being flat on top are much more rounded like bicycle tires and the cart is very easy to push. DD built the leather medallions that fit in the pockets that I routed into the cabinet, chest and carriage. On the back of the upper cabinet you’ll notice a round patch at the top of the crest and that is removable and if she wishes she can attach her clean match pins or whatever because there is Velcro attached to the cart that will hold the patch in place. On the front of the cabinet there is a belt buckle with a genuine rattlesnake head. DD made the black surrounding leather resemble wood and it really does look like wood. The medallion on the front of the chest and the sides of the cabinet are all raised and really resemble rattlesnakes. Enlarge your pictures if you can and check out the incredible detail. This cart was very enjoyable to build and I can’t wait to see her face tomorrow evening when she unwraps it. Our next Escondido Bandidos match is September 7th and it will be her first opportunity to use it.
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