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Found 1 result

  1. Michigan Residence Need to Steep up and Make some calls to there Representatives ! LEGISLATIVE ACTION ALERT: House Bill 4434 Concealed pistol license holders are among the most law-abiding Michiganders. Despite that, a CPL holder who carries concealed after letting their license lapse by even a single day is guilty of a felony under current law with a prison term of up to five years. House Bill 4434 introduced by Rep. Matt Hall (R-63rd District) with bi-partisan co-sponsors would change that draconian penalty and advance our long and successful efforts to reform Michigan's concealed carry laws. Under HB 4434 H-1, if a person's concealed pistol license expired not more than one year before the date of the violation, and the person remains eligible to obtain a concealed pistol license, and the violation is the person's first in the one year period, they would only be subject to a civil fine of $330. Furthermore, if the person receives their renewal license within 60 days of the violation, the fine would be waived. Second and subsequent violations would become a misdemeanor under the bill if the criteria above are met. MCRGO strongly supports HB 4434. Votes on the bill are being monitored by MCRGO-PAC for the 2020 election ratings and endorsement process. MCRGO Director Steve Dulan testified in support of the bill in committee. We are happy to report the bill was reported with recommendation from committee this morning for consideration by the full House of Representatives. Now we need your help! Please contact your state representative TODAY to ask for a YES vote on HB 4434. You can find your state representative HERE. Strong bi-partisan support for the bill in the House will increase its chances of being signed by the governor following consideration by the Michigan Senate.
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