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  1. Uno and I went to the local court house to apply for TSA pre-check. We decided it was worth the money since we have been and will be traveling frequently between the coasts for the foreseeable future. We arrived ahead of our appointment time. The screening lady takes a look at Uno's paperwork and gives him an appointment number. She points to the waiting room, telling him to take a seat and wait to be called. She takes a look at my paperwork and said it wasn't acceptable. My marriage license wasn't stamped as certified by the clerk of courts in the county we were married, even though it had "Customer Copy" printed all over it. I told her it was the same license I used for job applications, government security clearances etc. She said they shouldn't have taken it because it wasn't stamped with a seal. She then asked to look at the rest of my paperwork. Well, I didn't have a copy of my divorce decree from 1983. I pointed to the space on my not-acceptable marriage license where it lists my former married name and the date of divorce. She said I must have my divorce decree to prove I'm legally divorced before marrying Uno. Hurrumph. Now I have to do lots of paper chasing before I can make another appointment and spend a few more hours trying to get this resolved. Bottles, please give me a Sarsaparilla. I need it. Thanks for letting me vent.
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