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Found 2 results

  1. Well, I gotta ask...again. There is: .45 Colt, .45 auto, 45 auto-rim, .45 Schofield. Added to that line up, we now have .45 Cowboy Special. There is brass available, and also new ammunition one can purchase, for: .45 Colt, .45 auto, .45 auto-rim, and .45 Schofield. Question: With the all the .45 caliber ammunition we already have available to us, what makes the .45 Cowboy Special so "desirable", especially at the distances we shoot our targets??? Thanks. W.K.
  2. Well, this has, like as not, been cussed, and discussed, before, here on the Wire. If so, I apologize, I just missed it. Every so often someone asks how the retractable firing pin is holding up, and how reliable is it, and who has had issues with it, and who likes it, hates it, and who would not buy one to even use as a salt water boat anchor. That question, that comes up now and then, makes me wonder (I can't wander anymore, since ve are quarantined by za state). So, far Pietta has not joined the ranks of the retractable firing pin design. So far, Pietta has not joined in the ranks of making one piece grip frames, like a Ruger. I have heard most of the "reasons" why Beretta/Uberti made the decision to go down this road. Lawsuits, lawyers, insurance, safety, liability, that the United States' rules don't allow them to import without a "safety device" to keep the sheeple from shooting themselves, or someone else....and perhaps even a statement that they can do what they want, when they want. Yada, yada, yada....Yoda! Yippe Yi Yo Ki Yaaa! So....questions is....why does one overseas manufacturer do that, and the other one(s) do not? Perhaps it really IS just a certain company's decision, and not any "rules" to follow, since not all importers are doing it the same way. I will put in caveat, here, and say..."so far". I know opinions are like armpits...most everyone has at least two....so how 'bout it Pards....opinions as to why one does, and why one doesn't???? Thanks. W.K. VOTE this year!!!
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