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  1. Also found in the April 2020 Cowboy Chronicle, pages 98 & 99 (as an edited version) HOW I DEVELOPED MY ALIAS FOR SASS Once I had considered joining Cowboy Action Shooting and applying for membership with the Single Action Shooting Society, I wanted to create an alias that was unique and yet as mysterious as the “Old West” itself. My alias had to tell a...no, it had to be a story unto itself. And so the journey began. I have always loved anagrams, words whose letters can be re-arranged to create other words. For example, taking the letters of “Clint Eastwood”, you can use those same letters to spell “Old West Action”. With this as my compass, I began working on my own anagram, putting together the name I would be known by in the SASS Community. This name would not only represent my bio, but could transform itself into a story of the most famous gunfight in the Old West. That name became: Father Kit “Cool Gun” Garth. My BIO was then developed as a preacher who, after graduating from the Seminary in West Virginia, and later joining the Union Army to fight for independence, married and settled down in Fairbank, Arizona to open his first church. After his wife was killed by a group of Cow-Boys, he left the church in search of those who must face his revenge. This led him to the nearby town of Tombstone, Arizona. But the real story lies in a Deck of Cards I created to tell the tale of the Earps and their confrontation with the Clantons and McClaurys in Tombstone. THE KEY PLAYERS In preparing my deck of cards, I assigned the face cards to the Earps and Doc Holliday, choosing Aces for Wyatt, Kings for Virgil and Queens for Morgan. The Jack was chosen for Doc Holiday representing his “Jack of all Trades” characteristics of dentist, gambler and gunfighter. Wyatt Earp Virgil Earp Morgan Earp Doc Holliday The remaining players were given numeric card values. Ike Clanton Billy Clanton Frank McLaury Tom McClaury Billy Claiborne Only Sheriff Began was given the honor of being assigned the Joker, primarily based on his role leading up to the ensuing gunfight. THE CARD LAYOUT This special deck of cards consists of only twenty-one (21) cards, with the back of each card having a letter assigned to it. When the full Deck of Cards is laid out it spells out my Alias: Father Kit “Cool Gun” Garth These same cards can be broken out into four (4) separate common playing hands along with the Joker. They are the… Straight Full House Royal Flush Aces & Eights THE STORYLINE October 26, 1881 Tombstone, Arizona There was trouble brewing between the Clanton Gang and the Earps. The Cowboys were calling out the Earps in a showdown. Virgil, Wyatt & Morgan Earp along with Doc Holliday headed STRAIGHT to the corner of Fremont and Third Street to disarm the Cow-Boys. When they arrived at the lot next to C.S. Fly’s Photographic Studio, they saw a FULL HOUSE – Ike and Billy Clanton, Tom and Frank McLaury along with young Billy Claiborne. The JOKER of a Sheriff, Johnny Behan had said the Cow-Boys were unarmed. Likewise, the Cowboys saw the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday and not expecting a foursome they became FLUSH. A gunfight ensued where some 30 shots were fired in less than 30 seconds and when the dust settled, three (3) Cowboys revealed their DEAD MAN’s HAND. When the same Deck of Cards is now laid out it spells out: Gunfight at the OK Corral THE ANAGRAM DESIGN This is the process I used to come up with the final version of cards.
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