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Found 1 result

  1. There is a monster taking shape in the Illinois General Assembly called the "Aurora Gun Omnibus Pro-Gun Safety" bill being floated around. Pro-Gun Safety bill. Who could argue with a title like that? When you create something you can pretty much call it whatever you want. Remember when the USSR controlled East Germany? They called it the German Democratic Republic. Same here. Good thing we have that Firearm Owner's Identification Card (FOID), huh? Some of the bill's bonus points: 1. Increase FOID card fee from $10 for ten years to $50 for five years. That's a 1000% fee hike. 2. Require local law enforcement to get a warrant to seize FOID card and firearms from the household of anyone who has failed to comply with a revocation order. 3.Failure to comply with a FOID revocation order becomes a felony. 4. ISP (Illinois State Police can revoke or deny a FOID card for anyone charged with making a "terrorist threat or material support for terrorism (not defined). I guess if you shout "kill the ump" at a ball game, they can come after you. 5. Mandatory fingerprinting for FOID and CCL holders. That's an extra $100 easy. Times 2.5 million gun owners in Illinois, that's a new $250,000,000.00 tax on your Second Amendment rights. 6. FOID application will be a mandatory "in-person" process. If you like the long lines in the Driver's License/SOS buildings, you will love this one. 7.Failure to call in a private gun sale is a felony. Currently NO penalty for this. These are just some of the ideas going around the legislature. They have not, as of this writing, been introduced in bill form. Please forward to all SASS clubs and any others who will benefit from this information. If there are any other SASS clubs that want to be added to my email list, please let me know. Thank you.
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