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  1. Hey All, Figured this out on Saturday, I don't recall ever seeing anyone cover this anywhere and thought it might help someone. I was doing some work on my Charter Arms Pro V. As it came from the factory, it has been giving me light primer strikes. To compensate for this I purchased a Wolff Extra Power spring. Removing a coil hammer spring assembly is pretty easy from this and similar guns, like Ruger double actions. Step 0, remove ammunition from Gun Step 1, remove grips Step 2, cock hammer Step 3, insert a pin/stiff paper clip etc into exposed hole in spring guide rod Step 4, de-cock hammer, this frees the spring assembly to be removed as the pin holds the spring compressed. Step 5 remove the spring assembly. This is pretty simple if all you have to do is remove the assembly to deep clean or work on your gun, if you are replacing the spring things get a little more interesting. Step 6, remove the pin Step 7, find the parts that shot around the room when the spring decompressed and you weren't holding everything right Step 8, remember that you should have been wearing safety glasses Step 9, remove and replace spring on guide rod Here's the tip; when I first did this next part, I had to line everything up, find a slot that I could push the guide rod retaining piece against, use both hands and some pliers to compress the assembly and hold it while my wife got in there somehow and reinserted the pin, this is not ideal. I always assumed they must have an assembly fixture at the factory to make this a breeze, maybe they do, but this tip doesn't need one. Step 10, insert pin into guide rod through uncompressed spring. Step 11, twist spring around guide rod to slowly compress it using the springs coils like a screw, a longer/stiffer pin helps, and getting a good grip on the springs may require more than finger pressure, I was able to do it, but you might need a leather strip, gloves or soft jawed pliers if it gives you problems. if you are going to oil your spring, I recommend doing it after it's all reassembled to avoid grip issues on this step. Step 12, if your spring has a closed end, it probably won't rotate past the last coil, but there may still be enough room to slip the retaining piece on the end and insert the whole assembly into position on the gun, this worked for me, it may work for you Step 13, Remove the pin while holding the assembly in the gun, check hammer/trigger function, Replace grips and you're done! it was so easy compared to what I had done before, I actually did it a few times Saturday as I was taking some coils off my XP spring to tune it. I hope this helps someone, I just wish I would have known about it sooner.
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