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  1. OK, I know I've been out of the loop for a while (Life has been beatin' the ever loving He77 out of me this last year), but I come on here to the Wire to look for the thread about the Fabulous Florida Spring Fling and NOTHING? Seriously, I leave you guys on your own for 11 months and NOTHING? Well, there are only Three Weeks Left until the Hills of Fort White will be white with SMOKE and I for one seriously need the break that this series of matches provides! Haven't shot a match since May of last year, so I suspect I will be a little rusty (not that anyone will notice) but I'm planning on having a BLAST! Looking forward to seeing all of my Florida Pards as well, even that Waimea fella who sells them stolen bullets. Finally cracked open the ammo locker last week only to discover that I had all of about 3 rounds ready for the match (I eventually found about 200 more, but that ain't even close to enough!). Started inspecting and priming brass that very same night. Glad I didn't wait until the day before departure, like normal, because THAT would have been UGLY! Now if I can just remember to bring the right rifle... (For those of you that didn't see me kicking myself last year, I managed to grab my 38/40 rifle and not my .38. Needless to say, the .38 ammo didn't want to work too well. Lil was kind enough to share her rifle during the Darkness Falls and Dark Day matches and she brought my rifle back with her for the Ides. Still catchin' flak on that...and deservedly so. ) Been a very strange winter here in the Peoples Republic of Maryland, too warm, no snow, still feels like fall. Normally I'm talking about snow and ice and cold weather but nothing yet. Lil Feathers is hoping for a blizzard up here on the 15th so she can cancel her flight back and just stay down for the gap between Dark Day and the Ides. She just leaves me down there (supposedly to save the cost of the extra flights) but I think she likes the quiet of not having me around yelling at the massive pile of Tax Papers in my office. I'm heading down on the AutoTrain this year. Lil says I need to be getting more than 4 hours of sleep per night if I'm gonna drive that far by myself. I keep telling her that the ringing in my ears gives the voices in my head something to sing too, so I am never alone but she ain't buying it. Anyway, I will be arriving in Florida on the 9th and off to Dunedin, pick up Lil at TPA on the 11th and we drive up to Alachua on the 12th to get signed in and maybe even extricate the cart from back so I don't have to mess with that Thursday before the match. Looking forward to seeing everybody again, and I've got a hankering for some Fish & Chips at the Hideaway, too. Dogmeat Dad & Lil Feathers
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